DIY Above Ground Garden Planters with Casters

This was my first foray into carpentry and I am HOOKED. I was so intimidated to buy wood and actually attempt to construct something and… it was so much easier than I ever expected.

And quick. It took less time to make these two garden planters then it did to write up these instructions. Not including painting time, it took 20-30 minutes to construct each of these planters. Continue reading “DIY Above Ground Garden Planters with Casters”

DIY Custom Art Made from Lattice Wood

I want to share with you an art project I made using wood strips. The entire project cost $4.00 since I used old art frame and leftover supplies.

I was on a mission to find some type of art that tied together several colors in our living room: burnt orange, green and various browns. I could never find anything just right so I decided to make my own piece of art. For my first art piece, I think it came out quite well! It really fits in the room and the pieces of wood give the room an earthy and natural touch. Continue reading “DIY Custom Art Made from Lattice Wood”