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cast of characters

26 Aug

our cast of characters…what we use to create our pieces.  sometimes it works and other times we should step away from the paint can.

She’s Mine

26 Aug

She’s Mine

We are always on the hunt for unique pieces….one no one would dream of buying. We buy them, take them home…and then asks our husband and friends to hoist them on the wall with 7 inch steel bolts….yes ma’am I did.

This mexican door dates back to the late 1800′s. It was found in Richmond, Texas from a sweet woman who collects all things vintage…everything from doors to cathedral windows.

The story behind this door is funny. I first fell in love with it 2 years before it actually came home. I went to the woman’s property looking for an old gate to hang in my entry…I saw ‘her’ laying up against an old building before I even got out of the car. 8 months pregnant in July Texas heat, I marched straight for it…as my husband walked behind me telling me that ‘thing’ is too big. She was beautiful…green, yellow, brown…chipped and worn.

I cried please.

He said no.

I cried but I am carrying your son!!!

He still said no.

I cried FINE, forget it!

But I didn’t leave empty handed…an early 1900′s French gate (which I adore!) hangs in my entry.

Fast forward 2 years…a spontaneous trip back to the woman’s property….open the doors to her shop and the angels started singing! There she was…leaning up against the wall…looking right at me…waiting to go home.  I bought her on the spot…and she is mine, all mine.

221vision – the blog

26 Aug

What are we thinking?  What are we doing?  Who are we?  At the blog, come inside and take a look around….you never know what you’ll find.

the chairs

22 Aug

these chairs...well, I bought at a garage sale.  the guy wanted $20...if you could have seen the look on my face.  these chairs are ugly.  not just ugly, but Fugly.  they need alot of work but the potential is great...I offered 5 bucks.  he gladly took it.

i thought i would have the rushing replaced...then I found out it would cost $125 EACH chair!  not in my cash flow these days...

plan b?  i don't have a plan b yet but i do love the chairs.  these chairs are antique ladderback.  i love ladderback chairs hence the reason i gave the poor soul my coffee money that rainy Saturday morning.

so they sit in my garage, along with a few other pieces i bought that afraid ladderback chairs, be very afraid.  sandpaper and heavy chemicals are in your near future.

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