A different shade of gray…or blue?

11 Sep

I have always been very decisive in my life.  I instinctively know what I want and swoop in to get it.

My design projects are another story.  I will ponder a color for weeks before I actually commit.

My pool house wishes it was that lucky.  I thought gray would be the perfect color.  The three test samples I painted have scarred the house for at least three months…maybe four. I couldn’t decide which shade I wanted and started to doubt gray was even the right choice.

Then today I had the big epiphany that gray was no longer the “perfect” color and somehow the color blue was it.

So after waiting in the Home Depot paint line for an hour and a half, I now have the whole Behr Midtone and Deep collection — otherwise known as a hot mess painted on our pool house.

Now which color do I choose?

Behr: Yacht Harbor, Cayman Bay and Catalina Coast (Blue colors from top to bottom)

Pics taken with Cannon EOS 5D, Cannon Lens EF 85mm, Auto

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