Meet Stila

14 Sep

Oh Stila…where have you been all my life?

I have extremely sensitive skin and foundation typically makes my skin act like its a 13 year old hitting puberty.  I’ve tried the good, the bad, and the ugly…and nothing works.  Also, living on a pretty tight budget makes me very conscious of the money I spent on things for myself…can you feel my pain?

I read about Stila’s new foundation, One Step.  Worth a try?  Sephora gives free samples of their products so why not…

A quick drive to Sephora and I left with a sample size in my big ol’ purse.  I went straight to the mirror, dabbed Stila on my face…and the angels started singing!  My skin looked like a Photoshopped picture straight outta Cosmo!! It is so lightweight and fluffy…like caramel mousse.

I was in love with Stila…but not the price tag…$44.  Yicks!  Rather than running out and buying a bottle, I used the sample…til it was gone.  Empty.

And when there was nothing left, I absolutely, 100% did NOT drop a little water in the container, stir it around with a Q-tip, and get a couple more uses out of it.  Nope, not me

But, after saving my last dollar…I splurged on myself and bought a shiny, pretty bottle of Stila One Step makeup.  I love it.  It is magic.  Kinda like that time I removed the SOLD from that dresser I bought…ahhh, pure magic.

What’s the moral of this story?  Take time for you and make yourself feel pretty. It’s worth every penny!

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