A New Beast in Town

15 Sep

Boy, is she ugly. And by ugly…I mean ugly. She is bruised, broken, and beat down. She needed a new home and fast. I came to the rescue when my trusted Big Greenie drove me to Goodwill and I found her waiting for me.

She was priced at $29 big ol’ bucks. Remember…my budget is so tight, it squeaks so I batted my eyes and asked ‘any chance you’ll take $19?’ Without thinking, money exchanged, desk loaded and I texted anyone who’d listen that I just scored a desk for $19!

Why do I need this beast of a desk? Because my sweet P needs a new room. She is 8 and desperately wants a ‘tween’ room with bright colors and Justin Bieber posters. Her current room is light green and pink, a dollhouse bookcase, and a vanity she got when she was 2 that literally collects zhu zhu pets and dirty socks. I adore her room but because she does not adore it, it ends up looking like this:

I really cannot handle a messy room. It drives me to drink Fuzzy Navel wine coolers.

Sweet P loves painting furniture with me so you can imagine her surprise when she saw her ‘new-old’ desk. Our creative juices started flowing and we have decided on a turquoise and orange color scheme with a turquoise desk, white fluffy bedding, crazy colored pillows, tissue paper pom-poms, and vintage finds from our upcoming Mommy/Daughter weekend in Round Top, Texas.

Here’s a taste of what we’re thinking…if you have any ideas, please share!

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