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3 Oct

I love working on new projects.  What a satisfaction seeing something ugly transformed into something beautiful!

But I work full time…  Finding anytime during the week to spend on projects is a rare treasure.  So between a free weekend here and there it might take weeks or months to finish a furniture restoration or home improvement project.

That’s why sometimes I like to do small things.  Just a little boost of excitement and a quick feeling of accomplishment.

Here is one of them.

This project took 20 minutes combined labor time at the most.

I wanted to add some color outdoors.

I started with a brown wicker floor cushion that I got for free from a friend. Cost = Free.
Primer – leftover from prior project. Cost = Free.
Behr Yellow Paint Tester.  Cost = $2.99 (Color: Desert Glow)

And guess how I painted it!?!?  Airbrush!

Here is a picture of the work in process. It is already primed and now paint is being sprayed on.  Sorry I don’t have a “before” picture when the cushion was brown — I never imagined I would have a blog one day and need it!   :)

I bought the air brush on sale from an art store a short time ago.  I got a really great deal on it and it is a Paasche which is supposed to be an excellent brand!

I have only used my new airbrush a few times and still need more education and a lot of practice. I am not sure if I am doing something incorrectly because it is necessary to dilute the paint 50% with water to make the sprayer work effectively. This diminishes the brightness of the paint color so I hope I can figure out a way to use the sprayer without diluting.  But I was happy with the diluting in this case because I wanted to tone down the yellow color.  And yes, a glass of wine does help when you are checking to see if any touch ups are necessary.

I wanted to minimize clumpy or thick paint on the cushion.  And the airbrush did just that. The paint looks so good, the cushion appears to be stained not painted.

You can do this with a paint brush just as quick. I just chose the airbrush for the effect and because I was eager to play with my new tool!

I love it.  And Arnold does too.  Apparently he thinks it is a doggie bed!

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