I’m not afraid to grow!

7 Oct

The other day I was at the farmer’s market and came across a a vendor selling

a good variety of herbs that included thyme, parsley and chives…

all these great mints – Spearmint, English Mint and Peppermint…

AND Lemon Verbena…

they even had my favorite… HOT peppers!!  Habanero and


The prices were really cheap and I was almost tempted to buy a few.   And then in the midst of all the excitement I remembered..

Wait -  I kill plants!  I have never grown one single plant that is still alive to talk about it.

So sadly I walked away with my head hung low like Charlie Brown.

The other day the idea surged in my head again.  I was at dinner at my friend Dave’s house.

Dave owns his own catering and event planning company and is an amazing cook.   Everything he makes is homemade.  Dave even hand rolls his own manicotti pasta shells.

Seriously who does that??!?  He is amazing.  But one thing Dave doesn’t do is gardening.   He doesn’t have a green thumb.  Despite that…he bought some herbs, dumped them in planters and within weeks had a forest of herbs to cook with.

Now he uses all his own herbs in his cooking like the basil here.

And the rosemary in his focaccia bread here.

Dave’s herb success got me thinking.  Why can’t I grow?  Maybe I have never really given it a real effort?  Maybe those plants I killed just needed water more than once every three months??

So I decided to take on the challenge.   Not only am I going to grow my own herb garden but it is going to involve woodworking which I have never done before either.  I am very excited and can’t wait to share it with you!

And before you start thinking I am super women…  no I don’t like to  cook.  It will be a rare moment if any of these herbs find their way to a baking dish .  But you can bet I will throw all these herbs into a food processor and eat pesto every day.  And I will have the meanest mojitos around with 3 different kinds of mint!

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