where it all started…

8 Oct

Hotel Zaza.  Houston, Texas.

Yep.  That is where it all started.

Carrie and I were great friends and had a lot in common.  But we never realized just how much until we had a girl’s weekend celebrating our friend Cory’s birthday in Texas.  Cory flew in from New Mexico.  I came from California.  And all to meet up with Carrie in Houston and rejoice in a plethora of margaritas, mexican food and petit fours.  Exactly in that order.

We stayed at Hotel Zaza.  And there the discussions began.  After seeing all the bold and chic furniture, Carrie and I started talking about the furniture we had each restored.  Surprise!  Before that moment, we had never known that we both restored furniture and had a love for design.

There the passion really ignited.  After I returned to Los Angeles, Carrie and I emailed and texted pictures to each other as often as we could.  To share inspiration and advice on techniques.

We talked amongst ourselves because we couldn’t find websites or other platforms that covered our exact collection of interests. And then we thought…there had to be other people like us that were interested in the same things.  Not only furniture and design but other things we adore like photography, beauty and fashion trends.   So we asked Cory for help because she is our beauty and fashion icon.

And there 221vision.com was born!

Tonight I reflected on these memories after discovering these pictures on my computer.

Here is some of the bold interesting furniture at Hotel Zaza that got our wheels spinning.

Queen Anne chairs painted silver with silk screened images of human body parts and animals on faux leather.   Vintage turned modern and flashy.

We hope you love what we share.  And we would love to get ideas and inspiration from others.   So please share with us too!

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