who knew?

15 Oct

They would be BFF’s.  Who knew Little Man could talk ‘doggie’?  Who knew Bella-boo-doodle-bug would listen to a 2 year old?  Who knew?

Little Man finally has someone he can boss around.

And you see Buzz Lightyear?  He has become my 3rd child…he goes everywhere with us.  And if we can’t find him, it is almost as bad as not finding blankie.

My days are a little hectic lately.  If you were to walk into my home, you might report me to that show “Hoarders”. Seriously.

But capturing moments like these make me forget about all the rest of the ‘stuff’ I have to do.  I don’t want my children to look back on their childhood and think ‘wow, we had a really clean house!’

I pray for them to remember coloring, reading, playing, dancing, singing….and teaching the dog how to spell.  And holding onto Buzz Lightyear for dear life and when we can’t find, mom turned the house upside down to find him.

Capture your moment today…and forget about all the rest of that ‘stuff’ because that is really all it is…just stuff.

Canon XS, 50mm, f1.8, 1/50, ISO 400

Love ya friends!

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