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22 Oct

Eat Ice Cream. Cotton Candy Ice Cream.

And that is what we did. Before dinner. On a Tuesday. And it was good.

You see…Sweet P and I are very close. She is experiencing separation anxiety at school. And she cries. And I cry. And it is awful.

And I think 3rd grade might just kill me.

I want her to feel better. We have never gone through this before and I would seriously homeschool if my husband would let me. But that is a different story on a different day.

We have set up goals and she has done so much better this week. So we went for ice cream and it was perfect. And this weekend we are having special time together…just her and I.

I am so thankful for her best friend and another friend who is a boy that are so unbelievably supportive to her. They wink at each other when her eyes get teary and tell the other kids she is suffering from ‘pollen’ aka allergies. What a blessing their sweet hearts are to our family.

And I pray for another little girl to stop calling her a baby. This is especially hurtful because she has known her for a long time. But we will pray…and move along. And be thankful this is making her stronger.

I now understand how my mother felt when I was hurting.

I would take it all away from my child in an instant if I could…and I would. Without thinking twice.

Being a parent changes your perspective on life, how you should be treated, and how you should treat others.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another.” Ephesians 4:32

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