Artisanal LA – Highlights on Home and Garden

25 Oct

Artisanal LA is an event that covers a wide variety of arts:  foods, gardening and crafts.

Here is a highlight of some of the home and garden items that were presented at the event.

Farmscape had an interesting concept.  They come to your house and install a large huge planter in your yard.  Weekly service is also available if you want them to maintain the garden.  Convenient!  Almost made me reconsider my goal of planting my own garden.

The benefit is that they use better quality soil than what is probably in your yard plus the soil isn’t contaminated with things that might be lurking in your old soil: bugs, bacteria and chemicals.  Another plus is the planters are raised off the ground which helps resist pest control issues and the planters have filtration systems.

I love modern design and this planter is right up my alley.

Here’s a closer look.  These are the type of house plants I need!  The bowl would fit right in with my decor.

Here are more pictures from Artisanal LA.

These are items produced by Silverlake Farms.

And there was a large variety of seeds available.

And more of my type of house plants! I love these small boxy planters.

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