Is it cold? No…it’s hot

26 Oct

That’s the weather here in Texas right now.  Wake up…its chilly.  By lunch time…you’re sweatin’.

It’s sad when your children wake up in the morning, step outside to feel the 60 degree air and scream in terror “IS IT CHRISTMAS?”  Like Santa is really ready for Christmas??

And yes, that is a true story.  They thought it was Christmas…in September because the temperature dropped below 90 degrees.

We really never know how to dress but I do know:

I have alot of tank tops.

I own a boyfriend cardigan in every color under the sun.

I wear flip flops year ’round.

I love my 7 jeans.

And I go crazy over cheap jewelry.

Here is what my go-to outfit consists of:

Comfy casual

My favorite jeans…a plain tank top…bright scarf…fun cardi…great, cheap jewelry…and flip flops.

I carry a big bag that holds only 2 of my things, my phone and wallet…the rest of the space belongs to a 2 year old’s goldfish, trucks, and Buzz Lightyear and 8 year old’s gum, Justice magazine, and fancy water bottle.  Can you feel my pain?

You can find a super cute cardigan like the one above at Target.  Who doesn’t love Target?

A bright hot pink scarf and these fabulous ankle boots at Forever 21 for your date night with your hubby.

I think you deserve to buy yourself something fun today…because it’s Tuesday and you’re fabulous.

And there are only 60 days left til Christmas.

Love ya friends!

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