The one that got away

28 Oct

I pondered over these legs forever at the flea market so confused about them.  There had to be something GENIUS they would make?!?

But no genius thoughts came.  Genius was now where in sight.

I couldn’t justify buying them.  I walked away defeated and didn’t bother asking how much they cost.

And then Carrie made her bench.  The two hour, looks so darn easy to make bench.   And then it hit me….I could have made my own bench.

Those legs would have made a killer small bench for the vanity I’m restoring!

The vanity even has claw feet!

I could have had a vanity and bench both with claw feet!!

I hate it when I miss out.  But it’s not possible to buy everything.   I guess it’s either become a hoarder or miss out on a few things. :)

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