The reason my husband comes with me…

13 Nov

Camera battery charged?  Check.

Comfy outfit planned?  Check.

Sunscreen packed?  Check.


Tomorrow is the Rose Bowl Flea Market!!

We have lived in our new city for a while now…  And although I don’t have a lot, I have made some new friends.   Awesome as they are…they would never have any interest going to a flea market with me.

I don’t have to worry though. I always have a flea market buddy — my husband!

It is so strange as to why my husband comes?

Going to the flea market involves strolling around for hours with tons of people in the hot sun.  But he’s there.  With bells on. I’d like to think he enjoys my terrific company but… he actually loves the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  And why?

This is why.

He loves looking at all this old industrial equipment.

I love all this industrial stuff also.

It would look really great in large loft style home.

Wouldn’t some of these industrial lights would look great in a modern living room?

These benches were made with plumbing pipes!

I sometimes wonder where did all this stuff come from?

I mainly curious as to how in the hell did the seller get these heavy things inside the flea market? This thing was HUGE. Way larger than it appears in this picture.  Train size huge!

Must have taken a crane to move it in their booth!

Maybe one day we will have a house with huge ceilings and rooms to fit some of these gigantic things!

This thing was really interesting. It was like a fishing cage, like what the Deadliest Catch guys use to catch crab.  Well a mini-version of that.  They made it into a wine holder!

Need a mailbox? he-he!

Yep, those are my husband’s sexy legs.  He was admiring things and messing up my camera shots!

I am lucky to have my flea market buddy.

I am also lucky he doesn’t read my blog or he would be embarrassed about the sexy legs bit!

I hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be sure to tell you all about mine next week!

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