DIY – Holiday {Fluffy Wreath}

For my friends…here is the easiest, fastest, you-can-do-this-with-your-eyes-closed wreath tutorial. Start to finish: less than 10 minutes. I made this fluffy wreath on a Friday after school with kids running all round and still managed to make something absolutely fabulous and blog-worthy.

So here she is…{Fluffy Wreath}…enjoy!

The Goods:

recycled grapevine wreath: FREE

1 yard red fleece: $6.99 less 40% at Hobby Lobby – $4.19 (you can use any type of material but be sure it can hold its shape well)

Hot glue and lots of glue sticks

Start with this:

grapevine wreath red fleece

Cut 2-3 inch strips from your material, the length of the fabric:

I used about 3/4 of yard of the fleece…enough to make a scarf later!

Start with 1 strip and wrap around…and around…and around. No need to hot glue this step but you can…I didn’t because I had kids running all over my house.

Then you end up with this:

Now the fun part. Start with one strip of fabric at a time…and start bunching and curling and hot glueing and you will end up with this:

You want to make little loops all the way around:

Next you will need a small strip of fabric to make a ‘hanger’. I totally eyeballed this:

And another loop on the back and hot glue to make a hanger:

And here she is…bright, pretty, and Christmas-y!

These would make great teacher gifts…you could hang a gift card from the center of the wreath or you use a funky fabric for your children’s bedroom doors. We decorate little Christmas trees for our children’s rooms and Sweet P is in {love} with this wreath. So…another fluffy wreath is in our future.

At less than $5 and 10 minutes, I hope you make a {Fluffy Wreath} too! Please share pictures with us in the comments!

Happy Monday!