Cooking Together

23 Nov

Meet Polly.  She is our official Pilgrim.  Created by a precious 8 year old.  Her design.  Her hands.

All I did was light the hot pink material on fire…at the 8 year olds request…no joke.  (More on that later)

Polly will be back Wednesday morning to introduce 2 super easy, super delicious recipes for Thanksgiving…and both would be made extra special by enlisting the help of little hands.

When Sweet P and I cook together, it opens up a whole world of communication.  I learned this from a friend years ago who had a daughter that was much older than my Sweet P.  She would tell me that keeping her daugther’s hands busy during cooking allowed them to talk openly and freely without really thinking.  Around that time, her daughter was in third grade…just like Sweet P is today.

I’ve kept that tip in the back of my mind…and have always encouraged my daughter to cook with me from a very young age…no matter how messy the kitchen would end up being.  She would stand on a step stool stirring batter with wooden spoons.  I would give her plastic knives to cut bits of  soft cheese.  She would use the hand mixer when making cookies.

I don’t know who loved those moments more…her or me.

And now when we cook together, we play “Big Chef, Little Chef” and act like we are on a cooking show on the Food Network…and of course, she is the star of the show and I am her Sous Chef.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And so this afternoon, we started making our annual pumpkin rolls…6 to be exact…

We cracked eggs.  We mixed flour and sugar.  We whipped up cream cheese and vanilla.

And we talked.

And we laughed.

And powdered sugar flew out of my Kitchen Aid mixer and everything was completely covered in white including the floor and our black dog…

But I didn’t care…because we talked.  And she shared some of her feelings just so nonchalantly…because she was so relaxed.

And I cried with joy inside because I cherish these moments with her.

And I pray she remembers these times with me…her mommy…and chooses to make the same memories with her daughter one day.

So…tomorrow I have one of my favorite recipes from when I was growing up…a recipe that to this day, my father and I have a competition to see who makes it the best.  I let him win.

And a recipe that my daughter brought home of school…that they cooked in class…and she was the helper who carried the batter to the kitchen to be baked.

She asked if we could ‘make a ton’ of these to bring to our family on Thanksgiving.

And the answer was…a resounding yes!

Happy Tuesday, friends!  See you tomorrow!

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