For the love of Green

I have new love for the color green because of all those wreaths I searched for the other day.

And everyone knows I was on a mission to bring some love to my front door…and I couldn’t find a green…mossy…berry…simple wreath anywhere.

So as I predicted…I made one.

And I love it.

And I do no have many pictures because:

#1: I was in such a hurry to create it and #2: a toddler can make it, it’s that easy.

I found a large grapevine wreath at the “Lobby” (Hobby Lobby) and just so happened to be 50% off of $5.97…

And green berry garland, also 50% off of $16.99.

Total: $20

I laid the wreath and garland on a table in the middle of store to get an idea if this was what I wanted…while my precious son ate peanut butter crackers and told me he wanted a motorcycle for Christmas. I told him to call his father.

With that said, we checked out with the wreath and the garland, we drove home…ate lunch…and baby boy took a nappy.

I got my hot glue gun warmed up.

Arranged garland #1 on one side of the grapevine…and started gluing…

Arranged garland #2 on the other side…and started gluing…

Found my favorite leopard ribbon…tied it around the bottom…

green berry wreath gravepine leopard

And placed it on my front door.

I love it.

Super easy.

And it’s green.

Happy Friday friends!