Spray vs. Can

4 Feb

I love spray paint – especially primer and gloss!

But it has some imperfections.  Here’s my two cents on the differences between spray vs. can paints.


The good…

1) Easy and convenient.

2) Flawless application.  Nice thin layers are a piece of cake.

3) Great for detailed projects with ornate design.  Or weaved items like rattan.

4) Applies faster than painting with a brush.

5) Dries faster.

6) Usually oil based, which is more durable than latex or water based paints.

7) Easy clean up.  No brushes to wash.

The Bad…

1) Stinky. Fumes can linger in air and choke you.  Always wear a face mask.

2) Dear ozone, so sorry…you are going to die a little today.  Hello global warming.

3) Expensive.  Costs more per square foot than can paint.

4) Must be performed outdoors.

5) A good portion of the product is wasted.  Even if sprayed directly on item, large clouds blow away in the air.

6) Your forefinger might develop a cramp if you don’t use a hand sprayer attachment.

7) Very toxic.  Again, wear a mask! :)


The Good…

1) Lots of colors and options.  An unlimited world of color!

2) Can apply indoors.

3) Even though oil spray paint is durable, primer painted with a brush is more durable and recommend for areas that receive a lot of traffic like table tops or handles.

The Bad…

1) Thicker application.  More difficult to use for ornate and detailed items.

2) Takes longer to apply by brush.

Even though spray paint appears to have more good qualities, sometimes quantity isn’t better than quality.  Quite a bit can be said for can paint and it’s durability and color choices.

Maybe one day, they’ll invent the perfect paint!

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