What’s for Dinner Wednesday :: Greek Salad

2 Mar

Angie’s steamed shrimp recipe was all I could think about all weekend.  It looked so delicious and easy.  I thought I would make it our Sunday Supper since my husband and daughter were camping all weekend..and ate nothing but hot dogs and smores.

Along with Angie’s steamed shrimp, I made an easy and fresh Greek Salad.



1/4 cup olive oil

olive oil greek salad

Juice of 2 really juicey lemons

lemon greek salad olive oil

2 cloves rough chopped garlic and Sea Salt/pepper to taste

garlic fresh cloves diced chopped

Whisk together

salad dressing mixer whisk

Salad consisted of:

Iceberg lettuce and fresh spinach with diced cucumbers, roma tomatoes and whole black olives

black olives cucumbers tomatoes greek salad

Add lots of feta cheese…the more the better!

feta cheese greek salad

Toss with dressing

greek salad

So good.  So fresh.

The steamed shrimp and Greek salad were a match made in food heaven.  The shrimp were so good that I did not take one picture…we were eating them as they came out of the pan!  Thanks Angie for sharing your recipe!

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