JoAnn’s – You surprised me

10 Mar

I’m quite the fabric snob now.  Not that I can afford to be.  Fabric can get pretty expensive –so I’m actually a wanna be fabric snob .  I became one after I moved to Los Angeles and met MOOD.

Mood Fabrics is the fabric store company featured on Project Runway.  This small town Texas girl had never seen anything like it before.  I was used to shopping for fabrics at JoAnn’s Fabrics.  JoAnn’s = A few rows of cheap outdated, florals and plaids even my grandmother would have turned her nose at.

I am not a huge sewing buff, but when I do…I like an assortment of nice, high quality fabrics to choose from.  Mood has designer fabrics and the assortment is out of this world.  There are rows and rows up to the ceiling of choices!

Here are some fabrics I have had my eye on at Mood for a chair seat I want to reupholster. Aren’t they amazing!?  And the quality is so luxurious!

Carrie – Mood even has chevron!

I actually had not been back in a JoAnn’s store in about a year. Then when mom was in town visiting, we needed some cotton padding for a project and we stopped into a JoAnn’s because it was close by.  Boy were we shocked!!

I take back everything bad I said about JoAnn’s.  :(

They were fabulous!  :)

JoAnn’s massively restructured the store. The fabric was even arranged in easy to see displays that cascaded up.

The quality was good and their prices are so much less than MOOD.

Here are some of JoAn”s great fabrics:

I’m sorry JoAnn’s! – I’ll be back!

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