DIY Custom Art Made from Lattice Wood

I want to share with you an art project I made using wood strips. The entire project cost $4.00 since I used old art frame and leftover supplies.

I was on a mission to find some type of art that tied together several colors in our living room: burnt orange, green and various browns. I could never find anything just right so I decided to make my own piece of art. For my first art piece, I think it came out quite well! It really fits in the room and the pieces of wood give the room an earthy and natural touch.

The project started out with this piece of art. It is a modern acrylic art deco kind of piece. It wasn’t horrible. It actually looked great in our old house when we lived in Austin, Texas. This is our old living room and the art I am referring to is the one with red on the right.

Our old house was somewhat mid-century modern with contemporary furniture.

Our new house in Los Angeles is nothing like that and that piece of art just didn’t fit. Plus, I had owned that piece of art almost 8 years and was just sick of looking at it. Sometimes you gotta change things up! 🙂

I thought about selling the art but figured I wouldn’t get much for it. Then the idea came to me to reuse the frame for a new art project. The frame was solid wood, heavy and nice and would be a great base for a new piece of art.

I had the idea to cover the surface with different colored wood strips. For my project, I chose wood lath. This is redwood lath. It is typically used to make lattice and is lightweight and cheap.

(Please note, this project could also easily be recreated using MDF or plywood instead of an old art frame).

I bought mine for .38 cents for an 8 foot strip. The hardware store cut it up into the lengths that matched my art frame — for FREE! I spent approximately $4 total for the redwood laths.

Next step, staining the woods strips. I chose various colors including two brown colors from Varathane, Early American and Espresso and three stains from iKea, white, green and red. When painted with only one coat, the red color actually looks orange. (See here also).

Then time to glue! A glue like gorilla glue can be used. I actually opted to use tile grout to adhere the wood since we had quite a bit left over from a a home improvement project.

The wood strips were attached in random patterns.

Since some of the strips were lifting, I put objects on top to help keep them secured while drying.

All done! For now, I have the frame resting vertically against the wall. I need to hang the art on the wall horizontally but first… buy a stud finder. The art frame is so heavy now!

What do you think??! Do you like? 🙂