What’s for Breakfast Wednesday :: Juice!

18 May

For quite awhile, I’ve tried to make conscience decisions about what I eat and what I don’t eat.  I’m trying to listen to what my body tells me vs. what I really want to shovel down my throat.

After not feeling well earlier this year, I started reading more and more about the benefits of juicing.  You know I make Green Monster smoothies every morning for myself and my family but I wanted to take it a step further for myself by juicing.

You’ve probably heard about Crazy Sexy Life and Crazy Sexy Cancer .  Kris Carr talks about the power of juicing and the amazing benefits that go along with getting fresh nutrients on a daily basis.

Now, don’t get me wrong…you will find recipes from me that are gooey and sweet, and spicy and fried because I am human and I love food…and I also have a husband who loves steak and children who love cookies.

But…I’d like to start making better choices on what goes into my body each day while hopefully influencing my family at the same time.

Here is an interesting article from ABC news about the benefits of juicing…

A sweet friend of mine loaned me her juicer to experiment before I took the plunge and bought one.  It isn’t as messy as I thought…and actually produces enough juice for me to have a glass each morning.

I’ve juiced Golden Delicious apples and lemon…love it!  And so do my kiddos.

And this past weekend, I woke up with a scratchy throat…and thought to myself I CANNOT GET SICK NOW!

Using Kris Carr’s Make Juice Not War Green Juice recipe, I juiced up some vitamin C and a ton of anti-cancer properties.  What a way to start a Saturday!

Here’s Kris’ recipe:

Make Juice Not War Green Drink
-2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic)

-Big fist full of kale or romaine

-Big fist full of sweet pea sprouts (if easy to find)

-4-5 stalks celery

-1-2 big broccoli stems

-1-2 pears or green apples (optional)
*Other optional greens we love: spinach

We eat fresh broccoli several times a week so instead of throwing away the stems, I save them for my juices.  I did think the celery was strong but you would not believe the nutrients in celery…crazy good for you!

The juice was really, really good!!  And it smells so fresh and sweet…

Do you juice?  What recipes have you tried?  What’s great and what’s not so great?  I’d love to hear!

not juice not war green juice Kris Carr Crazy Sexy Life Diet

Happy juicing, friends!



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3 Responses to “What’s for Breakfast Wednesday :: Juice!”

  1. MommaHen May 18, 2011 at 9:26 am #

    hhhmmm…juicing? That’s one thing that just doesn’t look appetizing. Maybe you will convince me of otherwise!

    • Angie & Carrie May 18, 2011 at 9:42 am #

      The juice is sweet…tastes just like Ocean Spray…without the ‘added’ junk! :)

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