23 May

Pinterest is everywhere right now. ¬†And once again, I thought to myself ‘whats the big deal?’ ¬†Angie and I found several sites who have ‘pinned’ our projects and we thought it was pretty fun seeing them somewhere other than our blog.

Well, I took the plunge…asked for an invite…and about a week later, received my invitation to join Pinterest.

And it’s fabulous!

It’s fabulous because it catalogs all different images, ideas, people, places…anything my heart desires.


I love that Pinterest is quick visual stimulation…just what I need to keep my juices following…and waste time I really don’t need to waste, but oh well.

On a different note…Angie and I both use Evernote…which is another fabulous place to bookmark web pages, images, and everything in between.

Personally, I love Evernote because it saves the entire page I am looking at…and is a fast reference if I am looking for a recipe, paint color, or searching for a specific receipt I’ve scanned in.

Pinterest is an entirely different beast…one that I am learning and loving at the same.

Our sweet friends Jenna, Jenn, and Allison have started following us on Pinterest…so if you pin too, follow me at Carrie@221vision and I’ll follow you!

Happy pinning!

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One Response to “PINspiration”

  1. Allison May 23, 2011 at 6:50 am #

    Thanks for the shout out Carrie! I seriously love pinterest – it’s exactly what you said: “quick visual stimulation”. One of the big surprises for me has been learning a little bit more about the tastes of the bloggers (or etsy sellers, or other independent vendors) I love! It’s super fun!

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