Sights in the City: Grass Stools & Furniture Made From Stacked Wood

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Memorial Day! We spent it relaxing and also celebrating my husband’s birthday. His birthday is actually today but might as well celebrate for several days and have an entire birthday weekend right? 🙂

We also spent part of the weekend in beautiful Santa Monica checking out the The Market located above Santa Monica’s open air Third Street Promenade.

Santa Monica Third Street Promenade View From Above

The Market is a new (just opened last week!) gourmet showroom that houses and impressive array of artisan shops, restaurants and boutiques.

The market is designed to feel like a conventional farmer’s market. And…the best part is everything is LOCAL. All locally made food and home goods. No Starbucks here. Just wonderful creations made by artists and companies that live in the area. It’s quite an impressive contrast compared to typical mall food court concepts.

We tasted lots of amazing locally made food (especially coffee, chocolate and cheese! )….BUT the wanna be interior designer in me couldn’t help but focus in on the decor and furniture.

Like these stools made from artificial grass. It is funky but fun!

The Market 3rd Street Promenade Artificial Grass Stools in a row

This would be a great concept for a children’s room! There are so many creative things that could be done with this. It would be easy to keep clean and durable! Do you have a worn out chair? Maybe an old Papasan chair from college sitting in your garage? Cover the cushion with grass!

And check out these counters made from stacked wood. This would be great as a desk utilizing reclaimed wood. The different colors of wood and the varying lengths really capture attention.

They also had some coffee bag shopping totes! Oh how I still love love love coffee bags….

What did you think of The Market?