Memory Lane Week 4:: Trip to Texas!

14 Jul

Carrie is currently camping with her daughter.  I hope she is having a great time and can’t wait to hear all about it.  Since Carrie is not here to share her weekly Memory Lane recap…you get mine! :)

I traveled to Texas with my husband.  He was working in Texas so I joined him to take advantage of the free hotel and car rental.  It was a crazy last minute trip and I didn’t get much sleep but… so worth it because I got to spend time with my family in central Texas and also had lunch with Carrie in Houston.

Carrie and I chat everyday but I had not been able to see her pretty face in 15 months!!  The visit was pretty surreal!  15 months is way too long.  I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I saw her.   There’s nothing like hanging out and spending time with your best friends.  (Love you Carrie!)

I was also able to visit San Antonio and discovered an innovative shopping center called The Pearl Brewery Complex.

The Pearl Brewery Complex used to be an actual brewery that made beer. It was established in 1883 and later become Pabst in 1985. The brewery was closed in 2001 were it sat vacant until some geniuses decided to transform the historic brewery to an iconic culinary and cultural gathering place where you can eat, live, learn, work and play.

It’s urban revitalization it is finest.

Pearl is a place where you can attend a wedding in an elegant oval former stable… learn to bake brioche where bottling equipment used to be stored… luxuriate at a salon housed in a former garage… hunt for one-of-a-kind goods in one of an eclectic array of shops.

This one one of my favorite sights at The Pearl Brewery Complex.  Old tanks made into garden planters.

You know how I love above the ground planters!

If you are ever in San Antonio, Texas the The Pearl Brewery is a must see.  There are lots of great shops and the brewery connects with the famous San Antonio Riverwalk.  There are also great restaurants.  We ate at Osteria Il Sogno, and it was amazing!  Olive bread and Shrimp Risotto were tops!

So that’s my week.  I drove and traveled all over Texas and unfortunately didn’t get to take many pictures.  Texas is a unique place with lots of history so hopefully I can take more pictures next time :)

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