The Key to a Successful Design…

22 Jul

…is lighting. ┬áIt can make or break a room.

The right lighting adds dimension, character, and softens an entire room.

Not enough light leaves your room feeling drab and cold.

Although I love natural light, the right lighting makes me giddy.

Mix light with an amazing design element, and you have a marriage made in heaven.

My favorite lighting elements right now are classic, clean, and simple.

Enter West Elm:

Cluster Blub Pendant

West Elm

I absolutely LOVE these Glass Jar Pendants

west elm jar pendant














And this Globe Pendant is my absolute favorite fixture on the market right now:

Happy friday, everyone!

Turn on some lights in your house!



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One Response to “The Key to a Successful Design…”

  1. Angie July 22, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    I agree!! My husband teases me because I always say “Lighting changes everything!”. And it does! By the way…lovin that globe pendant!!

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