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What’s for Dinner Wednesday : Easy Green Chile Chicken

31 Aug

What’s for Dinner Wednesday :  Easy Green Chile Chicken

Thanks to everyone who took our survey…Angie and I truly appreciate everyone who reads our words every day.  Thank you for taking time our of your busy day to help up grow our little corner of the world.

As for What’s for Dinner Wednesday, we are taking it in a little different direction.  It was split 50/50 on keeping the food as a regular, weekly post vs. making room for more DIY projects and tutorials.

What’d we decide?  Keep the food…just not as often…and post recipes we really, really love.

And as luck would have it…I threw together a pretty fantastic dinner Sunday night for my family…without taking one picture because I didn’t plan on writing a food post this week.

Gah.  I know.  The person who’s camera is attached to my hip like a child.

So you will just have to trust me on this one…it is delicious.

Your husband will love you.

Your kids will devour it.

And you will feel like you slaved an entire day…when really it took minutes.

Easy Green Chile Chicken with Roasted Vegetables and Brown Rice

4 marinated chicken breasts – I used cilantro/lime chicken breasts

1 can Hatch Green Chile Enchilada sauce

1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese

Place chicken in 8×8 Pyrex baking dish and cover with entire can of sauce.  Bake at least 30 minutes at 400 or until sauce is bubbling.

Sprinkle shredded jack cheese over the bubbling sauce and chicken and bake another 5-10 minutes until cheese is melted…and gooey.

It is really that easy…and it’s the da-bomb.

For the veggies:

slice yellow squash, zucchini, onion and toss with fresh garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil.

While the chicken is baking, you can bake your veggies at the same time…at least, that’s what I do.

For the brown rice:

Start your rice before the chicken and veggies so the rice is done at the same time as the chicken and veggies.

The chicken melts like butter, the veggies are crispy and delicious, and we spoon the green chile sauce over the brown rice…enough said.

Enjoy friends!

and Happy Wednesday!



It’s ridiculous to love this…

30 Aug

It’s ridiculous to love this…

But I do.

A french tasse.  A little plastic tumbler.  A vintage inspired drinking vessel.

A cup.

From Target.

And it is the most perfect shade of blue I’ve ever seen.

vintage tumblers pottery barn target cup plastic

I count them every night to make sure one isn’t lost in the black hole of my daughter’s room.

I wash them by hand, careful not to leave any spots.

I adore them.

It is ridiculous to love tumblers this much.  They were a steal at $1.99 each.  Way less expensive than the glass Pottery Barn tumblers I wrote about months ago.

($36 for 4 from Pottery Barn vs. $16 for 8 from Target = very happy blogger)

I’ve looked for them online to share with all of you…but they are no where to be found.  Maybe ransack your local Target…take one of my pictures and beg someone to find them for you.

I promise, drinking ice cold water out of one of these cups will change your life.

Feel free to send me to therapy for writing about tumblers.  Its the triple digit heat that’s making me crazy.

Cheers, friends!



We wanna know what you think

29 Aug

We wanna know what you think

On our anniversary last week (Still can’t believe it’s been a year!!) we asked you what you thought about our blog by putting together this survey.  All the responses have been quite interesting and we have loved reading the compliments as well as the criticism.  We have loved it so much, we have left the survey open and are still accepting responses.

We really want to improve our blog and our writing by providing not only meaningful content but produce things that you want to read.  If you could please take 1-2 minutes and fill out our quick survey, it would be greatly appreciated.  The survey is only 10 questions and they are completely anonymous. So please feel free to be as open and honest as you like.  We love our blog but it makes no sense to invest time and energy into things you don’t want to read.  Having your insight and feedback, just helps us make the blog we love so much better.

Thank you so much!!

And thanks again for reading this last year.  We could not have done it without you!  All the amazing cyber friendships as well as the entire blogging experience have been so rewarding.

Click here for the survey.


Angie and Carrie :)

Restore Habitat for Humanity

29 Aug

Restore Habitat for Humanity

Now that my kiddos are back in school, I have alittle time for myself 2 days a week.  I miss my babies terribly while they are at school but they do not like walking through thrift stores.

Can’t say that I blame them…but my 9 year old is slowly learning there is alot of fun in the hunt for great junk.

I am helping a friend find a old 9 drawer dresser and made a few stops of some of my favorite thrift stores.

I didn’t find her a dresser…but I did score a $0.50 HUGE antique picture frame.


Another place I stopped was Habitat for Humanity Restore Thrift Store.

All proceeds go to a good cause so it’s worth it.

Need a mantle?

What about oars?  Would be awesome in a little boys’ room…but $60 each?  They stayed at the store.

Old cabinet doors?  These were $5 each…could be made into so many things.

Need a couch?  Ummm…not so much.

Remember my shutters?  Restore had quite a few shutters ranging in price.

Insert picture…I thought I took one…but I guess I didn’t.

Spindles?  You can find spindles at any antique fair for about $1 each…these were $5 each.

Restore has so many household items…tile, doors, tubs…toilets.

I left empty handed from Restore but came home happy with my $0.50 frame.

Happy thrifting, friends!



Making the world a better place…

26 Aug

I’ll be honest.

I don’t get Facebook. I don’t get Twitter.

And I think the world would be a better place without them.

Just saying…that’s my opinion.  :)

Happy friday!

Wood Wine Box

25 Aug

Hello friends!! Long time no talk!!

I have been uber-busy this last month…birthdays, anniversary, school starting, house cleaning, dog chasing…you know the drill.

But now I am back and ready to rock and roll on the lists of projects piling up.

One project that’s been sitting in my garage are wood wine boxes I’ve been collecting over the summer.

I love the vintage vibe. I love the many ideas out there for wine boxes.

I’d love to use my boxes for a garden…but seriously, it is too hot in Texas right now. I am afraid any plants would die of thirst before seeing any veggies.

I may wait until the spring to start this garden project but I found Linsey’s wine box garden on her blog, LLH Designs and knew I wasn’t crazy wanting a vintage-style garden.

I found more ideas on Pinterest, of course…and such inspiration out there!

Floors from wine boxes? Adore.

Do you have any projects in the works? What do you think about the wine box garden?


Transit Chair by Boris Bally

23 Aug

Transit Chair by Boris Bally

I would love to have a couple of these chairs made from recycled street signs.

American artist Boris Bally’s Transit Chairs are both witty and innovative.  The transformation of  recycled street signs celebrate a raw American street-aesthetic. The unique markings and patina were earned on the road. Created with the precision of Boris’ skill as a sculptor, jeweler and industrial designer, the pure lines of the chairs and tables perfectly offset the graphics of the recycled signage.

Each edge is rounded to a smooth finish. Transit chairs and tables are made individually (based on current signage stock) in Boris’ studio,

NO two are alike.

The stainless steel hardware is rust proof. Recycled champagne corks inserted on the bottom of all chair and table legs protect floors and provide added stability.

I personally love the creativity and the bright colors but I can see how they might be a little flashy for some.

What do you think of these?

To find out more or purchase, Transit furniture can be bought at Outdoorz Gallery.

One year in Blog land –TwoFriendsTwoCities 1st Anniversary!

22 Aug

One year in Blog land –TwoFriendsTwoCities 1st Anniversary!

Today officially marks 1 year Carrie and I have been blogging at TwoFriendsTwoCities.  It’s hard to believe one year ago today we started this journey.  Time sure has flown.  We have met so many new friends including readers and other bloggers and the entire experience has been so fulfilling!  We love our little blog and thank you all so much for reading.

Not only is it a time for rejoicing but also refection.  We started wondering how we could improve our blog and give you more of what you want to read. Are there things you would like to see featured more?  Are there subjects you prefer not to see at all?  We would really love to know!

In order for us to help learn what you want to see, we put this together survey. It’s a quick survey that will take less than 2 minutes to fill out and is completely anonymous.  We would love if you could take the time to fill it out so we can hear about what interests you!  Fill it out and let us know how we can improve.  We are open to constructive criticism and won’t be upset.  We just want to be the best little blog we can be! :)

Thanks for reading us for one year and Happy Anniversary to you too!

Click here for the survey.


DIY Whiteboard Paint

19 Aug

DIY Whiteboard Paint

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have great plans for the weekend.  I’m going to have an amazing weekend! I know that in advance because I finally completed unpacking and will be relaxing this weekend.  I will be doing a big fat nothing and I love it – can’t wait!

So far our move to San Antonio from Los Angeles has been a huge success and we very happy here.  It’s fun trying out new restaurants and checking out all the sights to see. With all the exploring and unpacking, I have had zero time to do any DIY projects.  But there’s one project my husband would love for me to start – he wants to paint his office into a huge whiteboard.  There’s lots of hype about chalkboard paint but what a lot of people may not know is that it’s also possible to make your own whiteboard… with whiteboard paint.  My husband discovered whiteboard paint earlier this year and has been wanting me to design and help him create one for his office.  In his line of work, he is constantly giving presentations with co-workers and clients and having entire walls covered in whiteboards would help him out tremendously.

The company that makes whiteboard paint is IdeaPaint.  I am not a big white board fan but I have to admit, the stuff is pretty cool.

And it comes in colors!

When my husband first approached me about the whiteboard project, I didn’t understand why he didn’t just put up a bunch of whiteboards.  The reason is that painting an entire wall looks better  and it’s possible to paint all the way to the corners between walls and have several walls painted together.

Another benefit is that many dry-erase surfaces contain formaldehyde, which slowly releases gas and diminishes indoor air quality for the life of the product. IdeaPaint is formaldehyde-free, conforms to all U.S. EPA regulations and does not produce any harmful gas once it’s dry.

IdeaPaint is flexible and easy to install. It can be applied to anything you can paint – drywall, plaster, chalkboard, whiteboard, tables, bikes, garden gnomes, small ceramic cats. Just prep and prime the surface before you start. IdeaPaint will be as smooth as the surface you paint.  My husband actually wants to not only paint a wall but also paint the top of his desk so he can take notes and diagram while on conference calls.

Here’s more interesting things that can be created with whiteboard paint.

What do you think of whiteboard paint?  Would you use it?





All pictures curtesy IdeaPaint.

Pinterest Challenge : Nap Mat

18 Aug

Raise your hands if you love Pinterest! You know I do…almost 400 pins and still pinning away.

Pinterest is fabulous for inspiration and ideas…but let’s be honest…how many of us ‘pinners’ have actually made anything we’ve found on Pinterest?

Angie had a great idea now that she is back in the Lone Star State and only a quick 3 hour drive apart. We plan to have DIY weekends together, working on projects and creating new projects from ideas we’ve found in blog land.

And we hope to have a blogger meet up so we can meet and hang out with our blog friends who love that same things we love. More on that soon…

Then we heard Layla joined in the Pinterest party along with these fun bloggers. Angie and I knew we weren’t the only ones not following through on Pinterest ideas.

But it was only a matter of time…I found this awesome nap mat several months ago and knew I would make this for Bubbie once he started back to preschool this fall.

Do you love? I love. And it was incredibly simple, easy and CHEAP!!


I found several nap mats online but didn’t want the $50+ price tag.

Here’s the breakdown:

$2.50 pillows from Target – I bought 4 but only used 3
$5.50 2-pk pillow cases from Walmart
Recycled plaid Ralph Lauren pillow cases from my linen closet
Recycled red cording to use a tie

Total cost: $11.00

Total project time: 10 minutes (minus washing the pillow cases before sewing)

Pardon the pictures…I took them with my phone. My camera was dead as a doorknob…

Decide how long you want your mat…I used 3 pillows for my 3 year old:

Pin the pillow cases together and sew a straight seam…

This is what you get:

Insert pillows:

And the finished mat looks like this:

Big sister likes it:

And he loves it!

Seriously comfy and will be so easy to wash every week…slip out the pillows, wash the cases, and the nap mat will be fresh and clean every week.

Happy napping, friends!



No pity party here.

17 Aug

I can honestly say yesterday was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

I spent the entire day with my children…who showered me with kisses and kind words.

We went out for breakfast…at 10:45. All I wanted was an everything bagel with Vermont white cheddar and applewood smoked bacon. They stopped breakfast at 10:30. I almost cried but decided since it was my 35th birthday, I would act like an adult and order something else…with a smile on my face.

And that is exactly what I did…and we enjoyed our bagels and muffins…while taking silly pictures of ourselves in the middle of the restaurant.

We shopped for supplies for Bubbie’s nap mat aka ‘mat mat’ for school.

We came home…put Bubbie down for a nap…got to work on a super easy nap mat (tutorial coming Thursday!)…wrote thank you cards for Sweet P’s birthday last week.

My mom sent me the most adorable and comfortable jammies…which I immediately jumped into at 2 in the afternoon…because I wanted to.

Sweet P and I planned out my birthday dinner, which she wanted to cook…along with my favorite carrot cake and cream cheese frosting.

Bubbie woke…I got out of my jammies, back into 35 year old clothes, shopped and cooked an amazing dinner while singing and dancing to Selena Gomez…

The only thing that was missing the entire day was my precious husband, who works so incredibly hard so I can stay home with our children every day.

No words can ever say how much I adore him. Or how much he means to me and our family. And how grateful I am for the flowers and card he brought home after his long, tiring day.

I am grateful.

I am thankful for the countless blessings I received yesterday.

Talking to my very best friends in the morning. My sisters calling. My nieces singing to me over the phone. Trying to convince my dad he called me on the wrong day (because I think I am a comedian).  Laughing with my mom.  The countless texts from friends. The flowers and hilarious card from a dear friend. The text telling me something was on my front porch at 9pm.

Snuggling in bed to watch Soul Surfer, eating carrot cake was the perfect end to my birth day.

Every single moment left me feeling content…and happy.

I read a blog the other day and the writer went on and on about her birthday…the expensive gifts she received, name brands being dropped left and right…and for a split second I thought how much I would love to be in her shoes, with all those fabulous gifts surrounding me.

And it kind of put me in a bad mood and I had a little pity party…because that’s reality…it happens to the best of us.

But does all that stuff really mean anything at the end of the day?

I could drown myself in my husband and children every day of my life…and be grateful.

Be grateful, friends.  Call or text a friend today just to say hi…it may put a much needed smile on someone’s face.

Have a happy, happy day!


Happy Birthday to someone very special…

16 Aug

Happy Birthday to someone very special…

Guess who has a birthday today?  It is our very own Carrie’s day today!

Happy Birthday Carrie!  To the best blogging partner and friend a girl could ever have.  Our readers and I are constantly inspired by you.  Your brilliant ideas, your gorgeous photography and most of all – just you.  You are amazing and we hope today is especially perfect for you because you deserve it.

I’m so excited we’ll have a fun belated celebration when we get together in September.  I can’t wait to share petit fours, grapefruit margaritas and lots of laughs with you.

Happy Birthday Carrie!





Picture courtesy of Pinterest.

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