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6 Sep

You might have noticed our home page looks a little different now.

What happened was….these category boxes were removed:


Why the change you wonder?  Well, thanks to everyone who responded to our survey, we realized that our blog was difficult to follow.  In particular, people thought the category boxes were confusing.

So we are testing this new look for a while and removed the category boxes.  Now you can immediately see all our recent posts without having to scroll down past the category boxes.  It should be a quite a bit easier to see our blog posts because the category boxes did hog up a good majority of the home page.

The results from the survey were very interesting.  Another thing we learned is that most read people our blog read once a day or at least several times a week — which is another good argument for removing the category boxes.  The category boxes were originally built in to help readers navigate and find subjects that interest them.  If readers are reading often, they don’t need to find things because they are always current.  At least that sounds logical?  I guess we will know after we get your feedback again! :)

It is still possible to navigate other ways on our blog.  If you need to find subjects or projects that interests you, here are other ways to search for them:

One easy way is to click on the subject of interest from the Category Tags.  This is a cloud like blob of subjects all sorted alphabetically on the left side of the home page and the bottom of all posts.  Looks like this:

Another way is to use the search box also show on the home page and all posts:

And last, you can check our our projects and design ideas by clicking on the Project Gallery and Trends and Inspiration option at the top of any page.   The Project Gallery sorts our all our projects sorted out by type: DIY, Crafts and Food. The Trends and Inspiration page shows all our favorite trends of the moment.

So that’s it!  That’s how you surf around our little world.

If you haven’t completed our survey yet, please do!  We are anxious to get more feedback!

Thanks again to all those that provided feedback.  The compliments and criticism have been eyeopening.  We heard both good and bad and loved it all. Receiving feedback just helps us improve our blog and make it better.

Do you like it now the category boxes are gone?  Is it cleaner and easier to follow? What do you think?

Please let us know what you like best.

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