Survey Says!

16 Sep

Some readers really let loose with their comments and criticism and we loved it!

We really appreciate the feedback we received and can’t wait to focus on the content readers are most interested in as well as implement design changes to make TwoFriendsTwoCities easier to read. There were some startling statistics also!

First of all, we had no idea our blog was being read as often as it was. We thought maybe readers checked in once a month or every so often.  Based on the survey results, 100% of readers tuned in at least once a week.  Specifically 45% read daily, 45% read a few times a week and 10% read once a week.  WOW!  Thank you!  So shocked people really checked us out that often!

Another unexpected twist was that we had quite a few male readers out there.   Since we usually only receive comments from female readers, we were quite thrilled to learn that 10% of our readers are male.  Thanks guys!!!  We love that you read and will definitely keep that in mind when we are developing content.

The blog layout got the most feedback (and criticism) in the fill in the blank sections of our survey.  Approximately 50% of our readers use Google Reader or other reader services so they weren’t even aware what our blog format looked like.  However quite a few readers that didn’t use reader tools didn’t like the blog layout.  Some commented that the category boxes were difficult to use and confusing.  Others complained that it was not easy to navigate from post to post.  Duly noted!!  We loved the design aspect of our blog but if it is not easy for readers to utilize, it makes no sense to keep it.  We made a few tweaks including removing the category boxes and are actually looking into changing our blog template completely.  So please be patient and you will see a new cleaner, easy to use design coming out in the very near future!

The results on subject matter were another amazement.   Furniture “Before &  Afters” were a top pick and DIY& Crafts and Interior Design Inspiration & Ideas were also top favorites.  BUT… most readers really loved hearing about our personal lives and requested to hear more, more, more!  Since being made aware of that, we have been sharing more about our personal lives and will certainly share more, more more!

Thanks so much for being interested in our lives.  We are still learning to open up more and not be scared to put it all out there and share our thoughts with everyone.  Sometimes it is difficult and a little scary because it’s hard to tell if people will disagree with what we think or if we will sound stupid sharing our personal thoughts.  Blogging seems so easy but once you write something and publish it, it can be a little embarrassing or regretted.  My mom in particular was not too happy with comments I made about our childhood home when the Texas fires occurred recently and I was very sad I hurt her.  I love my parents and that was never my intention.  However, I will still make the effort to learn to share more and not be so timid.  Since everyone expressed such a keen interest, I will try not to be so shy. :)

Last surprising twist on the survey was about our blog name.  Carrie and I have been considering changing it and the survey results were almost a draw!  45% said change it and 55% were for keeping it.  Hmmm…lots for us still to think about there.

This morning I am heading to Dallas to see Carrie and our friend Cory.  We have not all 3 been together in almost 1 ½ years!  We have lots to catch up on with Cory and Carrie and I will also get to chat more about TwoFriendsTwoCities and how we can grow and improve it.

Also, since Carrie and I want to provide the most and best we can for our families – and because we are both entrepreneurs at heart we have been developing an exiting business project over the last few months.  We are still working hard on it and can’t wait to share that with you as well after we iron out more details this weekend.

Here’s to figs and new changes!

Hope you have a great weekend too!

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One Response to “Survey Says!”

  1. Allion September 16, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    I highly, highly, highly recommend NOT changing your name – even if you don’t love it anymore! I changed my photography businesses name (and url) after about 1 year, and it took me almost 1 year after the name change to get back to the same readership I had before. And, my google page ranking still isn’t as good as it was before! I had to (it was a business model change) but I would never recommend it to anyone unless it was necessary.

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