Change is Good

20 Sep

Angie and I truly love blogging.  It has been one the best adventures for our friendship and for us personally.  We’ve met so many other bloggers who think the way we think.  It’s been empowering…to write the words we want, to share the things we adore, and to be as creative as we can be without limitations.

As our year anniversary of blogging approached, Angie and I both looked back over the year of posts, comments, and new friends and really took a step back to look at TwoFriendsTwoCities aka 221vision.

Yes, we are two friends who still live in two different cities with the same vision for what we hope our lives to be but we felt like something was missing.  Without comparing our little blog to other blogs who started around the same time, we (honestly) felt discouraged…beat down…and wanted more for our little blog.

How can we do it all?  We are wives, friends, mothers, daughters, sisters and bloggers.  Trying to find that balance is hard…a lot harder than one might think.

During one of our late night text conversations several months ago, the idea for an online store was brought up.  An online store related to our blog where we can offer to our e-friends home décor pieces and flea market finds to fit any budget.  We also talked about offering e-design services at extremely affordable rates.

The more we talked, the more ideas we had about the direction of TwoFriendsTwoCities.  We looked back a year ago and jumped in feet first and decided on our blog name without looking deeper into the meaning behind a name.

Where I am going with this??

After much thought about our new store and our blog, we want to make it more personal by opening up to everyone the story behind Angie and Carrie.

Our lifestyle blog.  Our online store.  Our whole hearts in one place.

One the blog, you’ll find more about us personally, lots of guest posts, e-design, and just daily life that we all can relate to.

In the store, you’ll find amazing home décor and fashion along with antique finds from our adventures around Texas.

Stay tuned for changes coming soon.  We are working around the clock, in two different cities, in hopes of bringing our lives to you.



Angie & Carrie


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  1. Jessica September 25, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    UH~mazing!!! Love you! xx

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