In over my head… and going to Round Top

30 Sep

I wonder if I have ADD? I am always racing off to work on a new project and haven’t even finished the last blog post or DIY project I’m working on.  Case in point, I am planning a trip to Round Top’s antique fair this weekend when I have yet to upload pictures and blog about our girl’s weekend in Dallas (that occurred 2 weeks ago!).   Am I crazy? Here I am trying to travel to Round Top to get more antiques when I have 4 projects that I haven’t completed in my garage.

Maybe I lack focus? Or perhaps I am just over ambitious.  Eek!  I need to figure it out because I always feel like I am running full pace yet always running behind!

I’ll try to finish up and tell you about our trip very soon.  I really do want to share it.  We did some fun stuff and even redesigned a table that is killer beautiful.  Just to give you a little teaser, it’s antique silver with a gorgeous deep chocolate top.    And just to tease you a little more… the projects I am finishing up include a silver claw foot desk (I’m kind of obsessed with silver lately), a dark orange dresser (I know it sounds scary but I think it is going to be epic!), a glossy yellow ornate chair and a huge DIY whiteboard wall for my husband’s office.   Stay tuned next week and I promise you really will see these projects finally popping up because I am determined to complete them and become the punctual blogger I know I can be!

Even though I have unfinished projects, I am justifying my trip because Round Top only occurs twice a year.  So I HAVE to go this weekend even though my garage isn’t quite ready for the inflow.  I am super excited about this antique show.  If you haven’t heard about Round Top before it is a huge antique show in Central Texas.

Carrie has actually been before (you can see pictures of Carrie’s trip last year here) but this is my first Round Top experience.  By the way, we are referring it as “Round Top” because that name is commonly known but really we are going to the antique fair called Warrenton.  According to my expert insider advice (Carrie!), Warrenton has cheaper deals. Warrenton is a large antique fair outside of Round Top and occurs at the same time.  I guess you could say Warrenton is Round Top’s evil stepchild.  All I had to hear were the terms amazing ANTIQUES and CHEAPER and I booted up my GPS.  I WILL find Warrenton and be there come rain or shine.

This antique shopping will also be monumental because it will be the first time Carrie and I have shopped for antiques together – ever.  Carrie and I share the same passion about furniture and interior design and blog about it together…but living in different states didn’t allow spending any time together. Since I moved to Texas about 7 weeks ago, I have seen Carrie 4 times already and now we will actually get to go antique hunting together.  Our idea of heaven on earth.  Sure beats the past when I lived in Los Angeles and could only see Carrie once every year and half.   Moving to Texas has had great benefits!

Carrie and I have been fantasizing over the things we want to by this weekend and here are the things on our wish lists:

1)   Carrie wants lockers.  She wants to use them in a mud room type capacity to store her children’s backpacks and raincoats.

(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

2)   Carrie also wants a magazine rack.  Preferably antique and waist high.  It will be used in her office for organization.

(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

3)   I want a ladder.  A thick chucky ladder.  I discovered this ladder in a cute boutique in San Antonio and I want to do the same with my scarves.  I’ve got lots of scarves and they are really need a home.

(Overexposed blurry photo curtesy of my iPhone)

4)   I also want an outdoor chandelier.  Or any chandelier or item that can be converted to an outdoor chandelier to hold candles.  I want to hang it from a tree above our outdoor table.

(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

5)   And we both want FRAMES and TYPOGRAPHY.  Small, large…whatever shapes and as many as we can get our grubby hands on.


(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

If you are headed to Warrenton/RoundTop, have fun!  But don’t you dare thinking about buying any lockers, magazine racks, ladders, chandeliers, numbers or frames.

We will beat you to them anyway because we plan to get there butt crack early :)

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  1. Jessica October 2, 2011 at 7:07 am #

    You crack me up! Try writing things down that you need to do for the day. You might be surprised at the things you actually get done! It helps me when I see it written rather than keeping it in my mind… I hope you girls found all that you were looking for! :)

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