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12 Oct

I haven’t shared any recipes in a while and I apologize for that.  I have a good explanation –I’ve been eating fanatically healthy.  Healthy doesn’t always translate well into tempting recipes to blog about, especially when they come in…plastic.

The last two and a half months, my husband and I have eating My Fit Foods.  If you haven’t heard of My Fit Foods, they might just take the world by storm. Most people I know are eating them now and it seems like a big deal here in Texas. My Fit Foods started in Houston,Texas and quickly spread to all the large cities in Texas.  They are now in Arizona and quickly expanding to other areas in California.

So what exactly are My Fit Foods?  They are healthy fresh ready to go meals that can be picked up any of the the MyFitFood locations.  They are chilled but can be heated up in the microwave in about 2 minutes at the retail location or at home.

(Pictured above is Lemon Turkey.  May not look like much but tastes great and is one of my fave’s!!!!)

There is a location about 3 miles from my house so we are popping in there all the time. My husband, Manny, discovered My Fit Foods when we first moved to San Antonio in August.  Manny drove by one and decided to stop and check it out.  It was an beneficial discovery and we have been hooked ever since.  It was especially helpful when we were moving and unpacking since we didn’t know where some kitchen items were and by eating My Fit Foods, we were able to eat healthy during the transition.

If you live near a My Fit Foods, you should definitely give it a try!!  Here is the low down on the benefits and how it works:

The Positives:

  • Calorie and portion controlled dishes.  I always thought I served myself small portions but when you see how much My Fit Foods packages up as one meal, it’s a shocker.   Despite the size, I am NEVER hungry after eating My Fit Foods.  It’s probably the healthy ingredients!  They are filling and taste very good.
  • No more washing dishes or cooking!  BIGGEST BONUS!! I save at least an an hour a day not having to perform these functions.  And that doesn’t even include the time spent planning meals and shopping for groceries.
  • Healthy, FRESH food.  These meals are NOT Lean Cuisines.  They are healthy REAL food.
  • It tastes great!!  I haven’t had one meal that I wasn’t happy with.  I feel GREAT after eating each one also.  No hidden ingredients or junk calories.
  • It is easy to plan meals. Meals are organized in sizes: small, medium and large and broken up into simple categories: breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Breakfast and lunch have more carbohydrates and dinners usually have less.  It is so easy to know what to do!  No books to read or calorie counting.
  • I’m not quite sure of the costs compared with cooking at home.  The meal prices range from $4-10 depending on size and meal type.  I usually buy small ones and think they are cheap as compared with cooking.  However my husband buys large ones which are pricier.   I stop in My Fit Foods every 3 days and sometimes cringe when I when I am rung up at the cash register with the total costs for 3 days of meals.  However, overall I think My Fit Foods is considerably cheaper than “healthy” cooking.  Healthy is the key word because junk food is cheap.  Fresh vegetables and lean meats usually aren’t inexpensive. We typically shop organic or at Whole Foods where even a small package of chicken breasts can cost $10.   When the price of vegetables and cooking supplies like milk and olive oil are added in, My Fit Foods weighs in as a much cheaper option.  Another thing is that I’m not tempted to buy extra snacks that can raise the grocery bill — and it keeps my diet in control.

The Negatives:

(I hate to even list these because My Fit Foods meals are amazing –but I wanted to be honest for those looking into it):

  • I sometimes get a little played out with the menu selections.  There are lots of meals to choose from but I seldom remember to order online in advance. Whenever I go directly into the store last minute, most of the selections are limited. This isn’t a big negative because it is mostly my fault. If I shopped online and planned in advance, I’d have more selections to chose from.  However, even when I do plan in advance…I still get a little bored with choices.  There are 45 meals on the menu but that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner which gets limited after doing it for a few months like we’ve been doing.
  • The plastic containers may not be eco-friendly?  I’ve been saving them and they are excellent storage containers.  They are thick heavy plastic and can be microwaved over and over.  But I can’t keep saving them or they will bust out of my cabinets.  I’m looking into recycling options.
  • My Fit Foods are great for my husband and I but they are probably not as ideal for families with children.  The prices for a a family of 4 could get expensive.  Children might not want to eat them all the time and children probably need more calories. One of my friends serves My Fit Foods to herself and her husband and then makes a separate meal for her children.  She said it’s not that big of a deal because she had already been cooking something different for her children since they have different diets.

Hopefully My Fit Foods is coming to a location near you!

If you are wondering because I’ve been gushing so much, I don’t get paid by My Fit Foods. I just wanted to share the great find for others trying to eat healthy.

My husband and I go through periods where we take a few days off My Fit Foods to change things up but we keep coming back to them.  They just taste great and make us feel so good.  We’ve both even lost weight.  We are trying to get in super fit shape so until then it might be a while before I am regularly posting recipes.  So please bear with me while I try to behave.  The holidays are coming up so I might end up cheating a little here and there –if I do, I’ll be sure to fill you in on any good stuff!!

By the way, I was a superhero last week and accomplished so many DIY projects including the old projects that were in my garage! I even finished building a floor to ceiling whiteboard.  Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how I did it!

To find out more about My Fit Foods click here.  , Mario Medias, the creator of My Fit Foods, has an interesting story about how and why he started it that can be read here.

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4 Responses to “What’s For Dinner Wednesdays :: My Fit Foods”

  1. Roland June 15, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    Really, this is you? I eat at my fit foods also. I was looking for actual recipes since I cook for us. Any ideas on actual recipes for what they sell? This isn’t complicated, but want to make sure I am using the right ingredients. Look at you… major health nut….

  2. Becky November 3, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

    OMG… Im in love with My Fit Foods, been eating there for awhile and I agree about cringing checking out sometimes. Yikes, if my hubby seen my bill sometimes he would freak! They do offer kids selection now kinda like lunchables but good for you! LOL But it adds up quickly for a family of 5. So I try to just buy lunch for the hubby and I or if a kid is home or something. I have to say a favorite of ours is the muffins… TO DIE FOR!!!! The apple zucchini muffins are the best Ive ever had!!! :) ) Make sure you get referral cards from your store so you can pass them out to people you know. I have received a lot of in store credit doing this. You get $5-10 for each person that comes in and they get a free meal. So its a win win situation. Also if you aren’t doing the My FIt cocktail (apple cider vinegar, cranberry, and lemon) than you should start. I LIVE off that stuff! I knew about ACV long before MFF, but since I tried the cocktail at their store one day I have been making it like that since! Just amazing! And their B-12 is really good. I swear that stuff is my vitamin crack hahahahaha!!! I recently moved to Corpus Christi from houston and MFF isn’t down here and its soooooo depressing. I hope they build one here soon! :) ) Nice blog BTW!

  3. Noah Hunter January 26, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    I am glad that you are all happy with this option and I agree that the portioning, taste and organization are nicely done. You should understand that the cost is about 3 to 4 times that of cooking at home. If you or your significant other does not have the time or the ability to produce similar dishes then this may be a great option, but do understand that if you can do this at home, you will save an enormous amount of money.

  4. shelli weiss October 15, 2013 at 6:16 am #

    I’ve been eating myfitfoods since February. I love it too. I am a picky eater so my selections are more limited than most peoples but I still enjoy it. The locations in the Houston area will recycle the containers for you if you rinse them off and bring them back.

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