Monday is a good day.

24 Oct

And this is how I ended my Sunday evening…being cheerful because it is definitely contagious.

Most people hates Mondays. I am guilty of tweeting ‘monday sucks’ too.

But I’m really realizing that all of my actions, thoughts, and reactions to situations directly impact my family.

And they follow my lead.

Example: my new (now returned) HP printer. I do not have good luck with printers. Something always happens, they don’t scan, they jam, runs out of ink…the list goes on.  I yell at it…push buttons, scream, cry.  The list goes on.

Yesterday, I caved and bought another HP printer, after vowing I would never contribute to HP again.

And wasting 5 hours of my Sunday trying to get the e-print to work from my phone and other Apple products (we are a Mac family)…I was not a happy camper.

Working on the printer while trying to help my 9 year with her Texas 3D project didn’t help…while the dog kept coming into the office sneaking paintbrushes, while my son kept coming into the office asking for candy, while my husband watched his beloved Cowboys win their game.

And we won’t even discuss the infiltration of mosquitos that have hit Houston and are trying to suck the life out of each one of us…ugh.

I was mad. And my actions showed it.

Then my daughter was short with her brother.

Then my son was mad with the dog for eating his candy.

But thank goodness the Cowboys won because my husband would have been mad at the world.

I ended the day apologizing for letting the printer disaster take over my actions.

Today is a new day.

And my son has his first dentist appointment ever today…my daughter has violin practice this afternoon…and I am making baked tater soup in crockpot for dinner tonight.

A new day. A new week. With a cheerful heart.

Happy Monday, friends!!

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

And biggest congratulations to Jami of What the Graham…her baby girl Tenley arrived yesterday, healthy and perfect!  I am over the moon excited for her!  Have I told you guys that I want another baby??  Just saying.

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  1. Allison @ Two Thirty-Five Designs October 24, 2011 at 6:15 am #

    ahh…this is SO true. And ditto on the printer. Mine is always my phone. I do not have enough fingers on both hands to count how many Ive been through since January…

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