Putting up the Lights.

28 Oct

How true is this!?!?


I’m gonna tell you a little secret.

My husband and I don’t do projects well together.  Yea, not so much.

Especially Christmas lights.

And when we used to have 3 Christmas trees in our home, putting up those lights proved to be a test of love and submission…on my part.

And keeping my mouth shut.

Now we have 1 quite large pre-lit tree which I am itching to get up right now. I know, Halloween isn’t even here.

So I laughed out loud reading this quote from who-knows-who.

Because it is so true.

I think how my children are watching us as we handle life’s situations.

Even putting up those christmas lights.

Happy COLD Friday, friends!!

I used some of my Annie Sloan’s last night on the cheapest project in the world!! (That’s a hyperbole according to my 4th grader)

I’ll share the story next week!


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