Handmade Christmas {fabric garland}

This year might be my most favorite as far as decorations in my home.

Up until a year ago, I’ll admit, I really didn’t decorate for Christmas in a way that matched my personality.

I decorated by following, looking at what others were doing, thinking that was ‘me.’

It’s not.

Alot of decor decisions I make are out of the box…but I like that about me.

This year I completely revamped my tree. I have boxes of unused ornaments in the garage. A sea of red bows that need a new home.

My tree is mainly white with various shades of green, mercury glass ornaments, and a touch of leopard.

I absolutely adore it.

And then there’s the mantle. I’ve stared at it for 2 weeks, wondering what I should do to blend it with the rest of my home.

I collect nutcrackers…The Wizard of Oz and the characters from the Nutcracker ballet. They fit nicely across my mantle but not for much longer.

As my daughter and I were getting ready for her Nutcracker rehearsal, I had the idea to make a vintage garland from some of my favorite pieces of fabric. I grabbed the fabric and scissors and out the door we went.

And the project began as I watched her practice Sunday evening…

Tearing strips of fabric, leaving the frayed edges in place, tying on a string of twine…

I could not be more in love with this garland…

Adding small white lights (battery powered, no strings!)

Finally hanging 2 winter white velour stocking purchased from Pottery Barn two years ago. I need 2 more because for some reason, I bought 2 white and 2 red. I don’t know why I did that. (Need 2 gorgeous cream and red velour stockings? They are for sale for a very cheap price.)

My Dorothy and Lion…

I am working on one more handmade Christmas this week. I’ve stared down the pile of fabric for over 2 weeks now. Hopefully it won’t be as tedious as I think it will be, ha!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Do you have any handmade Christmas projects you want to share? Send them to us!