Introducing :: Lizzie + Luckett

9 Dec

We are beyond excited to launch our alter ego, Lizzie + Luckett.  Vintage home.

Lizzie + Luckett holds a special place in our hearts for many reasons.  Born from our love of creating, we wanted to expand our blog and share things we love the most.  More than just showing how to create, you can own unique creations and vintage pieces for your home.

Why the name Lizzie + Luckett?

Pure love.  Lizzie is Carrie’s daughter’s special nickname.  Luckett is Angie’s british family namesake.  Both names symbolize dreams we cherish deeply.

Two Friends Two Cities will remain our beloved blog.  The stomping ground for design, inspiration, ideas, food, and DIY.  If it were not for Two Friends Two Cities, there would be no Lizzie + Luckett.

We are so thankful to everyone who reads our blog every day.  And we hope you visit our vintage shop, Lizzie + Luckett.

Happy Friday, friends!


Angie and Carrie


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  1. Andrea @ Vegvacious December 9, 2011 at 7:17 am #

    Good luck with the new store girls!

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