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16 Dec

Am I the only person that got a late start decorating for the holidays?  Everyone else already seems to have their house fully decked out with Christmas bling and I am barely getting started.  There are only 10 days until Christmas and I am about to get in high gear to make sure our house is all blinged out too.

Today I started the project of dressing up our fireplace and and began with these easy to make stockings. These have to be the simplest stockings ever made.  No liner, no hem.  They even have exposed seams.

I had a bunch of coffee sacks I”ve been waiting to use for a purpose like this.  Coffee bags come in all types of textures and these have to be the roughest.  Some are soft like fabric and can be used for pillows.  These are not like that at all. They are heavy and itchy like hay. Since I can’t use them for pillows what better use than stockings.  They are tough and ready to hold lots of goodies!

So here’s how I did it…

I drew by hand a stocking shape on the exterior of the coffee bag.

Cut it out.

That piece then was used as a pattern to cut out the back side of the stocking. For the back side, I used a plain piece of coffee sack that didn’t have any printed words or designs.  That way, I can flip the the stockings to the other side and have the option of decorating them differently in the future.

Put both sides together (with the good sides on the outside) and sew 1/4″ from the edge.  I used white thread and it blended in perfectly with the coffee bag.  The thread is barely visible because the texture of the coffee bag helps hide the thread work.

Then I cut another small section of coffee bag (about 6 inches by 1.5 inches) and sewed the edges to help with unraveling.  This piece was sewn to the top of the stocking in a loop to help hold it up above the fireplace.

That’s it!

This fireplace still needs a little more pizazz…now to start on some garland!

Maybe I’ll make Carrie’s fabric garland? :)

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