Monday Inspiration

30 Jan

Carrie’s inspiration:


Bright, vibrant color.

For my outfits and my home. Little pops of color as we roll into spring.

I love this from J. Crew Spring 2012:


Annie Sloan’s has a gorgeous red chalk paint, Emperor’s Silk, which is the most beautiful red paint. The perfect mix of red with blue and orange. I’d love a red piece like this:


Loving these orange bar stools:

This painting is stunning:

Source: via Carrie@2friends2cities on Pinterest

And this bright graphic print to start the week positive:


Angie’s inspriration this week:

My inspiration this week all comes from the amazing Donna Rullo.  My meeting with Donna last week was so insightful.  I can’t wait to share and show you all the things we are going to make for the coffee shop.

I don’t have many pictures because these decor and furniture items haven’t been created yet so you’ll have to use your imagination with me to envision what will be!

There are so many ideas Donna shared with me it was overwhelming. I’ll start sharing two with you here now. Then I’ll be working like mad over the next two months trying to complete them so that we can get our coffee shop up and running in April.  And of course, I’ll share all these projects with you along the way.

1) First and foremost, Donna is going to help us merge all our styles in the coffee shop together.  Before we met Donna, we had already been buying things we liked and wanted to install in our coffee shop.  The problem is the styles aren’t currently cohesive with each other.  We’ve bought furniture and decor from three different design styles: industrial, mid-century and classical antiques.

I wish I had pictures to show you of a table we purchased but the lighting was dark in our coffee shop so I’ll have to post one later (the city has not turned on the electricity yet!) .   Most of the furniture we are putting in the coffee shop will be small but we want at least one large table to serve as a community area for people to share which will also allow a large party to sit together. The table we found is beautiful and big – approximately 3’8″ by 7′.    The table is ornate on the bottom having two large engraved legs – one on each side.  The table is all wood and a medium dark shade of brown. I want to use the new chalk paint Carry bought me to paint the legs.

I thought bright paint would emphasize the beautiful legs and the blue color would help integrate the other mid-century colored furniture that will be in the coffee shop.  But…Donna had another idea to really make the table fuse with our three styles.   Donna suggested we install industrial metal on top.  The metal top will be more durable and easier to clean as opposed to leaving the top wood.  And now the table will contain three of the styles we are going for: a) the table was already classic antique b) painting the legs will make it cohesive with the other furnitures’ mid-century colors and c) the metal top will go with the other industrial things also. Genius.

2) I had never met with a designer before so I wasn’t sure what to bring to the meeting.  And the coffee shop is basically an empty space right now so there isn’t much to work with.  So I did what I could to prepare for the meeting by saving pictures of things I found and liked from the internet and also took pictures of things I already owned (that’s currently stuffed like sausage in our home garage!).  Donna is so talented she immediately made something out of nothing. What I really loved was she used things we had to create new things.  She looked at the pictures of  things we already owned and created new ideas for them.  One of which was this pallet.

I originally had plans of using pallet wood to help create an industrial decor by using the pallets as shelving or wall covering.  Donna had a better idea. Donna wants to take this pallet and make it a large light chandelier. It will hang over the large community table with chains and look something like this.

That’s just a little teaser. There are so many  more ideas from Donna! I’d better get to work!

By the way, if you read my post the other day about Donna, please check it out again. I added at least 10 more pictures of Donna’s amazing design creations..most of which Donna made herself including huge faux yarn balls and a large bird cage attached to the wall stuffed with vintage book pages.

What are you inspired by this week?

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2 Responses to “Monday Inspiration”

  1. Andrea @ Vegvacious January 30, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    I am LOVING the red side table/dresser and the orange stools! I’d really like to take the dark brown stools I have now and refinish them!!! I was really motivated by a graphic print I found on Pinterest last week that says “Suck it up and someday you won’t have to suck it in” — it was very fitting for me right now because I have had zero motivation to get active.

    • Angie & Carrie January 30, 2012 at 11:59 am #

      I just laughed out loud. Suck it up so you don’t have to suck it in…LOVE THAT!! And so TRUE!!! :)

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