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What’s for Dinner Wednesday :: Roasted Sweet Potato & Kale Soup by Vegvacious

29 Feb

Andrea with Vegvacious is a continuous source for us when we want good but healthy recipes.  This week she did not disappoint with her Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Soup.  YUM!

It includes some of my favorite ingredients like sweet potatoes, kale and coconut milk.

You can check out Andrea’s entire recipe here.

If you think that sounds good, you should check out her vegetarian chili!

And all her other recipes here!


DIY Aiden Gray Laundry Basket

28 Feb

Don’t you love Aiden Gray? I love all their vintage French inspired decor and have especially eyed this laundry basket for a long time.

Now thanks to Katie Steuernagle with Apartment Therapy, it’s possible to make a pretty close replica for $20. I don’t believe Katie made this to resemble Aiden Gray’s version but it would be close enough if the word “Laundry” was stenciled on. And not to mention a huge savings since Aiden Gray’s basket cost $252 plus shipping and tax.

The process looks easy to make with galvanized steel wire fencing.

You can check out Katie’s full tutorial with pictures here:


Monday Inspiration

27 Feb

Green is not just for St. Patty’s Day!!

Carrie’s inspiration:

Green. Bright, vibrant green.

Source: via Carrie@2friends2cities on Pinterest

Angie’s inspiration:


Specifically industrial items repurposed into lights.

I have a large bucket of old indoor sprinkler heads that are plain iron but could be made into beautiful pendant lights.

And even more gorgeous if painted a bold bright color like these cage pendant lights made by CB2…

In fact, the sprinkler heads I have would look just like these if they were painted red.  Good thing I bought an entire bucket of sprinkler heads for $15 because these cost $149 each!

We need pendant lights for our new coffee shop bar and these might be the perfect idea.

I would love to hang them in a cluster like this…

Or maybe in a line like this…

Or maybe just hung randomly in various places.  What do you think?





S*** They Sell on Craigslist…

24 Feb

Can we say S*** on a blog?

Is that okay?  I don’t know if it is or not, but we find the stuff people try to sell on Craigslist pretty funny.

Example A:

Really?  Who owns this?  I emailed this picture to several friends…right around Valentine’s Day.  It says ‘bowchicabowbow’ all over it.

Next up:

Any True Blood fans out there???

And…this is titled “Red, Comfy Couch”

Does that look red to you?  Not so much.

Do you ever see crazy stuff on Craigslist??  Send it our way!!  We’d love to see what Craigslist looks like in other parts of the US of A!

Happy Friday!

Carrie and Angie

Pinterest 7Up (Popeye’s) Biscuits

22 Feb

Before you know it, summer and bikini season will be right around the corner. I slacked over the winter with my workouts so I’ve been trying hard to eat well and work out more to get back in shape.  It’s not easy for me because I adore comfort food and always crave heavy greasy foods.

Today I was really craving these:

(Picture courtesy Pinterest here)

7up Biscuits.

You might have seen them on Pinterest before.  I decided on a whim to experiment and make them at our family Christmas dinner. It was risky because I’d never made them before and sometimes testing random recipes off the internet can be risky.   The gamble paid off, because they were unbelievably delicious!

And my family LOVED them.  Of course they laughed and were very skeptical beforehand when they saw that 7Up was a component but…once they saw them come out of the oven all doubt was removed.  They look beautiful and…

they taste JUST like Popeye’s biscuits!!

If you saw these on Pinterest before and were wondering about them, they are a SURE thing!  They are flaky and taste out of this world.

And they are easy to make:


2 cups Bisquick
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup 7-up
1/4 cup melted butter
  • Cut sour cream into biscuit mix, add 7-Up.
  • Sprinkle additional biscuit mix on board or table and pat dough out.
  • Melt 1/4 cup butter in a 9 inch square pan.
  • Place cut biscuits in pan and bake at 450 degrees until golden brown.

The only thing I might do next time is remove half the butter.  I think the amount of butter in the recipe is a little excessive and could be reduced.

Hmm…maybe if I remove half the butter I can justify them in my diet and make them now?

That sounds reasonable doesn’t it??  :)


DIY Coffee Shop Chair Redos

21 Feb

Commercial restaurant chairs are very expensive.  We couldn’t find any restaurant quality chairs for our new coffee shop that cost under $100.  On one of my estate sale crusades, I happened to come across a warehouse that was being liquidated.  It was there I found these used restaurant chairs priced at $25 each.  Because we bought 18, they let us have them discounted at $15 each. Score!

The chairs were a great style that fit into the decor we were striving for.  They were well made with solid iron and wood yet lightweight and the perfect size to fit under the coffee shop tables we were going to use.

BUT as with most DIY great deals… they needed quite a bit of work.

The seat covers were in horrible condition and the fabric was damaged.

And the wood had seen a lot of wear and tear and was chipped all over.

Nothing a little fabric, sanding, stain and elbow grease can’t solve!

Thankfully my mother-in-law moved to San Antonio because she was my refinishing buddy on these chairs. Being that there were 18 of them, I needed all the help I could get.

First, the chairs were scrubbed clean.  Then the seat covers were unscrewed and removed.

Once the seat covers were removed, more problems were identified.

More scratches…

as well as discoloration and lots of dirt!

Which involved more and more cleaning.

Then we sanded away.  The chairs only needed a light sanding in most places but more extensive sanding in the chipped areas.  We sanded everywhere including the sides and even the parts of the chairs that weren’t damaged so that the stain would adhere.

Next, it was time to stain.  The chairs came in 3 colors and we wanted to maintain that variety and keep them the same color. I tried my best to find stain colors that matched the current colors and the colors that seemed to be best suited were Minwax’s Natural, Red Oak and Ebony.

The stain made a large difference.  The chairs actually looked new again.

Here are the red ones before…

and then after…

Looks new doesn’t it!?

After all the chairs were stained and the excess wiped off, Howard Feed N Wax sealer was applied.

Next it was time to work on the chair seats.  I don’t have pictures of this in process but it was very easy.  The old fabric was removed and new fabric was adhered by stapling underneath.  We used duck cloth which is one of my favorite fabrics to work with.  Duck cloth is relatively inexpensive and it’s strong enough to be used for upholstery fabric. It’s a thick canvas like material that’s very durable.  Duck cloth comes in lots of solid colors and is usually always available at most fabric stores.

Since the wood on the chairs came in a variety of colors, we decided to also use a little variation with the seat covers by using two different fabric colors: blue and grey.

Here are our assembly lines of our work in process.  All 18 seat covers were replaced and sprayed with 3 layers of Scotch Guard. Since they will receive lots of traffic, the Scotch Guard will help protect against spills and dirt.

The blonde and red colored chairs still have sealer drying on them but the black chairs are dry and completed.

All the black chairs are completely finished and have their new seat covers reattached.  I am really impressed with the difference.  Even though it was quite a bit of work, it was a large savings and the results are better than any of the “new” chairs available for purchase.

Here is another before and after comparison!

Such a transformation, don’t you agree?  I’m very excited about how well they are turning out. I’ll post pictures of all of them including the blonde and red ones after they are all completed this week.

- Angie

Monday Inspiration

20 Feb

I really don’t have any design inspirations going on this week. I have alot of other things going on and a good laugh is always the best medicine!

Carrie’s inspiration:


Angie’s Inspiration:

I am in the same boat as Carrie.  Right now my design inspiration bank is empty.  I’ve had other things on my mind and am still trying to recover from last week which was full of disappointment.

Last week we had major issues trying to obtain city permits to start the construction renovations for our new coffee shop.  Our coffee shop is still just a hope and dream and thanks to difficulties with the city, it feels like it may never happen.

I’ll tell you more about that this week but for now, I could use some positive thinking (and humor!)

Friday Favorite

17 Feb

Ryan. Gosling.


via my men pinterest board

Happy Friday!

We Interrupt…

15 Feb

Our normally scheduled programming for this:

Pin This!

Freakin’ Hilarous.  And the TRUTH!!  (Thank you Angie for sending this to me!)

Happy Wednesday!  Hope everyone ate as much chocolate as I did yesterday.











Happy {Heart} Day!

14 Feb

Wishing you a very sweet Valentine’s Day…from my little love bugs to yours!

We get little treats for our babies.  My daughter and I cook dinner for the boys.  We make chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows for dessert.  My husband and I normally do not exchange Valentine gifts.  Please don’t bring home overpriced flowers or boxed chocolates.

But this year, I thought I’d make a little book of ‘stay in date nights’ for us.  I thought it would be fun and creative for come up with dates that didn’t cost babysitting money and going out money.  :)

A few ideas I had:  Texas Wine Tasting + Crab Cakes, Breaking Dawn movie night + Chinese takeout, and Video Games + Beer.  My kind of dates.

Happy Heart Day!



Monday Inspiration

13 Feb

Happy Monday everyone!!

Carrie’s inspiration for the week:

Vintage. And lots of it.

Source: via Tobi on Pinterest

Angie’s inspiration this week….cork!

I’ve been saving wine corks for a while and here are some of the potential ideas I’m considering using them for.

This cork ball made by Anthropologie.

Love these cork drawer pulls I found on Pinterest.  They would be perfect for a dresser or kitchen cabinets.

Or…these cork place cards by Ardent Photography.  I could use these for table settings or to label pastries at our new coffee shop.
I don’t really have a purpose for this whimsical cork animal idea by Lil Blue Boo but I LOVE it!
How cute is that!!?  Which is your favorite?

Friday Favorite :: Apartment Freakin’ Therapy!!!

10 Feb

Seriously the coolest thing to happen lately…

Apartment Therapy featuring our Ballard Design bench.

Unfreakin’ believable.

Thank you Apartment Therapy!  Now we are off to celebrate with some wine coolers.

Check our feature here!!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Carrie and Angie

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