Monday Inspiration

6 Feb

Carrie’s Inspiration:

Round Tables (and one gorgeous space!)

I found a $30 pedestal table the other day and am working on a few ideas to clean up my breakfast area. I truly find round tables in the kitchen cozy and inviting.  I currently have a 4 leg table but it just doesn’t flow right.  I love my chairs and bench with a round table…but the 4 legs get in the way.














Source: via Carrie@2friends2cities on Pinterest

And I LOVE this church pew in this rustic kitchen.

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Angie’s Inspiration:

This antique display case that used to be housed in a old hardware store.  I found it in a factory for sale and I just knew I had to have it for our new coffee shop. Excuse these low-quality pictures…they were taken on my iPhone in a dark warehouse.

Only part of the cabinet is visible because there is another furniture item blocking the view but it’s long and gorgeous. It’s a beautiful shade of green and has lots and lots of compartments that slide out!

I just don’t know exactly how or if  it will fit in?  Maybe as a display for coffee bags and other items under the bar counter?  Or perhaps it could be attached on the wall?

What do you think?

Any creative ideas on how we can use this masterpiece in our new coffee shop?



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