Monday Inspiration

13 Feb

Happy Monday everyone!!

Carrie’s inspiration for the week:

Vintage. And lots of it.

Source: via Tobi on Pinterest

Angie’s inspiration this week….cork!

I’ve been saving wine corks for a while and here are some of the potential ideas I’m considering using them for.

This cork ball made by Anthropologie.

Love these cork drawer pulls I found on Pinterest.  They would be perfect for a dresser or kitchen cabinets.

Or…these cork place cards by Ardent Photography.  I could use these for table settings or to label pastries at our new coffee shop.
I don’t really have a purpose for this whimsical cork animal idea by Lil Blue Boo but I LOVE it!
How cute is that!!?  Which is your favorite?
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One Response to “Monday Inspiration”

  1. Jessica February 25, 2012 at 11:20 am #

    Okay. Seriously. I now know why the voice in my head would say as I was throwing out my umpteen wine corks, “why are you throwing that in the garbage, it is not garbage.” I will be saving my corks just for the place settings. Love. xx

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