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Friday Excitement!! Round Top & Trader Joes in Texas!

30 Mar

This upcoming weekend will be joyous for Carrie and I…it’s not only the weekend but it’s also prelude to the fun time we will be having on Monday!

Monday we are heading to Round Top (Otherwise known as Heaven on Earth for Antique & Craft Lovers)!!!

Round Top is a huge antique festival in Texas – probably the biggest.  It occurs twice a year.  Carrie’s been many times but last year was my first experience in Round Top and I’ve been anxiously waiting to return.  Due to our schedules Carrie and I won’t be able to spend a lot of time in Round Top.  We are only able to drive to Round Top, shop for a while and then each drive back home the same day… but it will be just enough and we will savor every minute there.

Monday morning after Carrie takes her children to school, she’ll be heading to Round Top.  And I’m sure she’ll be grabbing her favorite Busee’s coffee before heading on the long road trip!  I will leave earlier than Carrie because I live further away in San Antonio.  By 9:30am we should be deep in the heart of antique shopping in Round Top.  Neither of us really need anything which makes shopping there this time really fun.  I hate it when I have things I really need to find and can’t find them.  So it’s just going to be browsing and relaxing and taking in all the inspiration!

Carrie and I also  heard some exciting news.  Trader Joe’s is coming to BOTH of us – two locations will open in Houston where Carrie lives and one will be opening up in San Antonio where I live.  OMGEEEE!!!  I love Trader Joes!  They have lots of ethnic and organic brands I can’t find here in Texas.  I fell in love with Trader Joes when we lived in Los Angeles and can’t wait to indulge in their goodies again!  Hopefully it opens up soon… and close to my house!

Round Top and Trader’s Joes!!??  Happy times!!

We hope you have a good weekend and we’ll be back blogging like crazy next week with updates on all our of Round Top discoveries. :)



29 Mar

Look at this chart.

What’s the first color your eyes go to without reading the meanings:


colorsourcecolorscope WHATS YOUR COLOR?

My color choices:

Peacock and Pool.  For sure.

Clover and Chartreuse close seconds.

Most pieces in my home, including my kitchen island, are some shade of turquoise. I naturally gravitate to blues and in recents months, greens.

After reading the meanings behind the colors, I think the colorscope is pretty accurate. But I may want to ask my husband and friends if they think the same.

I’ve always found the meanings behind the use of color so interesting.  Like when we bought our home, the kitchen was red-orange.  Not red-blue.  But red-orange.  It made my skin crawl every time I walked in there.

And every time I walked in the kitchen, I would walk out with something to eat.

Red in the kitchen = fat on your hips.

Red is stimulating to the appetite and the reason why many restaurants have red interiors and use red lighting.  Red can also be a color that stimulates aggression and tension.  Tense?  Eat something, right?

So why did I go off on the color red?  Tip of the day:  Don’t paint your kitchen walls red.

Read up on the meanings behind colors.  You’ll be surprised what you find!

So, what’s your colorscope?




colorscope image via PaperSource

What’s For Dinner Wednesday :: Homemade Mozzarella

28 Mar

The Dave Cooking Series has not ended yet!!  There are still quite a few recipes and cooking tips to share from my recent visit with Dave Young in Los Angeles.  If you follow our blog, you know Dave and I became best friends when we lived in Los Angeles and Dave also owns an elite event planning and catering company in Hollywood.

(Dave and I at one of Dave’s events October 2011, Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills)

When Dave and I met, we developed a strong friendship immediately.   He is one of the most special people I’ve ever met and I’m so fortunate to have him in my life.  Now that I live in San Antonio I don’t get to see Dave often and miss him terribly.  One of the things I admire most about Dave is that he is a self taught chef.  He’s had no formal training yet he works magic in the kitchen and he’s constantly experimenting with new ideas and cooking methods.

Dave is also Italian and can cook some crazy good Italian food.  We are talking blow your mind homemade pasta like lobster stuffed ravioli (which I should try to share with you soon – I think I might have some old pics and recipes Dave gave me before).  Dave’s grandmother taught him how to make authentic Italian food and he has fond memories spending time with her in the kitchen making Italian cookies and hanging handmade pasta out on the clothes line to dry.

Dave makes everything he can homemade including cheese.   He spent some time with me demonstrating how to make mozzarella cheese which I’ll share with you now!

If you haven’t ever made mozzarella cheese before, Dave recommends buying a basic cheese making kit online like this one by Ricki’s.

The reason this is advised is due to the face that locating things like rennet in groceries stores can be quite difficult.  Ricki’s cheese making kit is a cost effective option at $24.95 and includes quite a bit of supplies and even includes a cooking thermometer.  The kit makes at least 40 batches of cheese and includes a recipe book for more types of cheese.

So here is what I learned about mozzarella with Dave.  I found mozzarella is very easy to make but it’s easier to see with pictures than to just read a recipe. Because of that, there are lots of pictures and even some videos I took of Dave in action so you too can master your very own mozzarella.


  • 1 gallon of organic milk (cheese will not form with ultra-pasteurized milk. It must be pasteurized at low temperatures or raw to make cheese. Cream-topped milk works well and can usually be found at local farmers’ markets.)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of citric acid
  • 1/4 tablet of vegetable rennet
  • Cheese salt or sea salt

Start with the rennet tablets by dissolving in 1/4 cup of water.  If you use the Ricki’s kit, 1/4 tablet makes one batch of mozzarella.

Dissolve citric acid separately (in 1/2 cup water) also until both citric acid and rennet are completely dissolved.

Pour milk into a stainless steel pot, and put the burner on low. Use good milk for better tasting cheese.  Organic whole D is best – you will taste the difference.

Stir in citric acid, and slowly heat the milk to 95F. Turn the heat off and pour in the dissolved rennet.

Stir continuously for exactly 30 seconds.

Cover with lid and let the milk sit completely still for five minutes.

At this point, the curds will separate from the whey. Run a sharp knife through the curds horizontally and vertically into one inch cubes. Be sure to cut all the way to the bottom of the pot.

It should look like squares of curds with whey floating in between. (If looking closely at the above pictures, squares can be seen). Lightly agitate and curds can be seen.

Raise curd temperature to 115 degrees.  Once raised, use a spoon strainer (with a fine mesh) and scoop the curds into a large glass bowl. (Dave uses a spoon strainer because a cheese cloth is very messy and hard to clean.  A few curds might be lost but it’s a much easier method).

Drain as much of the whey as possible.

To form the cheese put cheese curds in bowl and microwave on high for one minute. Remove and drain more of the whey, pressing down on the cheese with your hands to remove as much possible. Microwave again for 30 seconds, and again drain the whey.

Start kneading the cheese until it comes together like dough. While you’re kneading, add a generous pinch of salt. If the cheese isn’t coming together, microwave again for 30 seconds, and again drain the whey. When you can form a ball, shape the cheese with your hands until the outside is smooth and shiny.

Let the cheese sit in a bowl full of ice water to chill.

Once mozzarella was chilled, Dave used in a Caprese salad with homemade dipping oil.  I’ll show you those recipes next Wednesday so stay tuned!

To read more about Dave, check out Dave’s blog here.  You will find updates on all his Hollywood parties and inspiration for party and cooking ideas.


DIY Demolition!!

27 Mar

I haven’t blogged much about our woes trying to obtain the renovation permit for our coffee shop. I didn’t because I felt talking about it wouldn’t be positive and would just make things worse.   By things worse, I mean my attitude and faith.  To make a long story short, all we wanted to do was open a small coffee shop but it’s been a long painful journey.  (We actually started the process for our coffee shop dream in October 2011.)  It’s taken months and months working with city officials…and it’s also cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

For a tiny coffee shop with a small coffee bar, the city required us to hire architects and engineers.  We even had install things we’ll probably never use like a grease trap.  The trials have been exhausting both mentally and financially.

But I can talk about it now because it’s all in the past!

I finally have good news to report….we received our renovation permit!!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!

We received our permit at 4pm last Thursday.  I immediately called our contractors but because of the last minute notice, none of them could come until the following week.

So instead of sitting still and waiting for contractors, my 66 year old dad and I decided to demo the place ourselves!!  My dad may be 66, but he’s the strongest toughest man I know.  He didn’t hesitate at all when I said I had hoped to start some demolition work.

So at 7am Friday, my dad and I started the demolition process!

(Half the left wall removed)

There was a wall that separated the store space that needed to be completely removed and a wall to the bathroom had to be removed so that the bathroom could be expanded.

 (Bathroom wall coming down)

It might seem like a fun job…knocking down walls.  But it was HARD work.  My right bicep still hurts like hell from swinging sledgehammers and even an axe at times.

(Starting on the other half of the big wall)

By the way, if you are considering tearing a wall and have never done it before…it’s VERY important to make sure the wall is not “load bearing“.  Load bearing means that part of the structure (usually the ceiling) is depending on it.  If a load bearing wall is removed, the structure above could collapse.  So please verify structure integrity before tearing down walls.  The walls we removed were not load bearing which is why we felt comfortable doing the project ourselves without professionals.

(Main wall almost completely down)

My dad and I completely demo’d out all the walls on Friday. Thanks to our demo work, the contractors were able to start working on carpentry, plumbing and electrical work today!!

(Demolition Complete!)

I’ll take pictures and start showing the entire transformation…which hopefully will be fully completed in a few weeks!

Viva La Revolucion!



Monday Inspiration :: Aviator Chairs

26 Mar

I made the terrible mistake of getting on Restoration Hardware’s email marketing list.  Now several times a week, I agonize gawking over gorgeous things I can’t afford.

These Restoration Hardware Aviator Chairs are the latest and absolute worst torture device.

And it gets worse.  There’s more…

A entire collection of polished aluminum furniture.

These polished aluminum wrapped beauties are the most innovating and spectacular things I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Probably ever.

I would do anything for this desk.  It looks like it comes from another planet or time.

Oh why do I torture myself so!?!  I must unsubscribe from Restoration Hardware’s email distributions!

Curse you Restoration Hardware!!

Does anyone know how to recreate something similar?  I am itching to have these but the price tag is far out of my reach.  Very Far.  Pluto far.


Friday Favs

23 Mar

Did you read Angie’s story yesterday?  Angie left me a message saying she was done with Craigslist and she just encountered a crazed lunatic.  I called her back saying I was laughing at her message and to call me asap.  When she told me the story, I was incredibly thankful she listened to those whispers and stayed outside that garage.

Angie is one of my Friday Favs!  Love her so much!

Another fav:

Pocky.  I searched for these things at our grocery store.  My daughter came home asking for them after her friend introduced them.

Peer pressure.  And we could not stop eating them.

This may or may not be a Fuzzy Navel Bartles & James wine cooler.

Razzleberry Pie.  With fresh whipped cream.

I’ll never touch a tub of Cool Whip again.

Anyone seen this show:

Willie and Jase Robertson

Reality show junkie right here.  Duck Dynasty.  Watch it.

Enjoy your weekend!



Craigslist Heebie Jeebies

22 Mar

Never again will I shop on Craigslist.

Craigslist used to be my best friend.

The one and only place I find good deals on antique furniture to restore.

But lately my experiences have changed. I’ve found the prices are much higher and the work involved in hunting for treasures more and more difficult.  And the most disappointing is that several of the last places I’ve purchased things from, ending up putting me in some peculiar situations.

Then this week….I experienced the most uncomfortable (and scary) experience that made me decide never again to use Craigslist.

I was attempting to buy some tables I had been searching for the last several weeks.  I finally found a person selling what I wanted and the seller seemed reputable over the phone.  His said his name was “Eric” and he even made a comment as to how he was selling them for his church to help them out.  A man helping his church, can’t be bad person right?

I drove over to Eric’s house which ended up to be some sketchy looking apartment building in a somewhat scary neighborhood.  Eric had never mentioned it was an apartment complex before which I thought was kind of odd.  I finally found Eric standing outside next to his garage.  Eric’s apartment building was sort of like a townhome where there’s a garage attached and the garage also leads into the entrance of the house.

Eric looked like a decent looking person and things seemed to be okay even though the apartment complex wasn’t in the best area.  I was ready to do business.  I wanted to buy the tables quick and get back on the road because it was almost 5pm and Eric lived way much further from my home than I had realized. I saw inside Eric’s garage, and to my dismay, he had the tables I was supposed to buy and pick up — covered with junk.  They were loaded with household objects!  He knew I was coming over to pick them up and even called me beforehand to make sure my vehicle was large enough.  Why were the tables not ready?

Eric decided to start cleaning off the tables, we confirmed the price we had already agreed upon over the phone and I paid him.  I stood outside by my car and received a few business phone calls while Eric began cleaning off the tables.  Two of Eric’s neighbors stopped by to talk to Eric while he was unloading the tables and they chatted for a long time like they were all best friends.  Erik could have cleaned the tables off in less than 5 minutes but seemed to be taking his sweet time and kept chatting with friends and staring at me.

Then things started to get really strange.  Eric kept trying to attempt personal conversations and interrupting me while I was obviously discussing business on the phone.  And he must have repeated to me 20 times how he was helping out his church by selling these tables.  Really?  I started doubting most of what he was telling me.  Even about the church.  How can they belong to your church when they are sitting in your garage with all your personal junk on them?

It’s hard to explain but I developed a bad gut feeling.  Something just didn’t seem right.  It wasn’t only what he was saying but… how he was acting.  Time was passing by more and more.  At this point I had been at Eric’s house at least 25 minutes.  Eric continually stared at me and kept trying to veer me inside his garage to look at something or talk with him.  Silly reasons that didn’t make sense or seem important.  I stood out in the driveway and never once crossed inside his garage door.

Things just started feeling more and more “fishy” especially after the last of Eric’s neighbors stepped out of Eric’s garage.  The very second Eric’s neighbor (and friend) stepped one foot outside of Eric’s garage and next door to his own garage, Eric asked me to come inside his garage and help him carry an electric keyboard off the last table that was being cleaned.

That request hit me like a lightening bolt.  Why in the hell would he ask me (a woman) to move an object when his strong manly friend was immediately next door in the very next attached garage?  Eric had known this object needed to be moved and his male friends who had been hanging out with him the last 15 minutes could have easily helped him with this.  I was still on the phone so I ended the call so I could respond and deal with Eric.

There was no way I was going inside that garage.  If I walked in that garage and Eric was some crazy psycho killer or rapist I would be doomed.  Once inside the garage, he would be able to shut the garage door trapping me inside.  I know it seems delusional but again…things felt really strange and I was not comfortable.  More and more my feelings grew worse.  I was so caught off guard by his request to help move the keyboard I didn’t know what to say…so I lied. I told him I had just had back surgery and could not lift a pound.   He said not to worry, he would find a way to do it himself.  I suggested he ask his friend next door.  He said “no he’s inside”.  I informed him his neighbor was still outside but Eric never went to ask him.  He again kept staring at me and trying to attempt silly conversations trying to bond with me so I pretended to be on the phone and walked further away from his garage toward my car and tried not to make eye contact.

I was standing near my car pretending to be on the phone and 9 minutes passed without Eric walking outside to my car to load the last table.   The time spent pretending to be on the fake phone call seemed to last forever. I wondered what could be going on?  What was taking him so long to move the keyboard?  I had been there at least 45 minutes now –my patience was wearing thin and my stress skyrocketing.  I nervously walked back to the entrance of the garage and there Eric stood next to the table with the keyboard still sitting on top of it!  I pretended to put my caller on hold and ask Eric what was going on.  I heard again “Can you come inside and help me move this keyboard?”  Oh hell no.  I again informed him I had back surgery and could not lift a pound.  I even embellished the lie by saying I had just had surgery a few weeks ago.  I was not only scared at this point but pissed off.  Pissed at Eric.  Pissed at myself for putting myself in this situation.

The neighbors’ garages were all lined up together in a row.  Since several garage doors were open and it meant I could see inside not only their garages but also inside several of their homes.  I told Eric he needed to ask his neighbor who was no longer inside his garage but instead inside his house with both the front door and garage door open.

Eric reluctantly walked to his buddy/neighbor’s house and barely stuck his head inside the door….and immediately walked back over to me.  He said he can’t…he’s inside holding his baby.  I didn’t say it out loud but in my head I was thinking…WTH?  He can’t put the baby down and come outside and help you for 30 seconds but he just spent 15 minutes outside here with you gossiping and smoking a cigarette?

I had no doubt Eric was lying.   I was sure he had an alterior motive besides having me come inside to move the keyboard.  I was DONE.  I wanted out of there and out of there NOW.  I asked him what he wanted to do about the situation.  He said I could help him move the keyboard or receive my money back for the one table. I took my money back and speed out of there as fast as I could.

As I drove off my mind was racing.   I blamed myself.  How could I have driven over there without telling anyone where I was going?  I always text my husband the address if I am picking up anything on Craigslist but this time I had not.  And why was I so open with people.  Before things got fishy at Eric’s I had told him we were opening a coffee shop soon and even gave him my business card.  Now this freak knows where I’ll be working.  I am always going to be on edge at work wondering if he will come in or be hanging out in the parking lot for me.

I used to be very trusting but this experience made me realize it’s important to keep my guard up.  It may seem like I was freaking out for no reason but I promise this was a summary of the experience.  There were many things that were strange I haven’t explained.  And also two things that still plague my thoughts.  For one, the electric keyboard was probably not that lightweight but I know my husband could have moved it by himself. And Eric was much bigger and younger than my husband. In fact, I could have probably easily moved it by myself. And two: Right before I left, Eric accidentally hit his shorts pocket and the garage door starting shutting.  That meant he had his garage door remote in his pocket further solidifying my worries that he could shut the garage door quickly when I was inside if he wanted.

Who knows what is really going on with Eric.  Maybe he really was a trustworthy, yet weird person.  Carrie wondered if perhaps he was “high” which definitely could explain his behavior as well.  Maybe he was smoking pot and not a threat?  I will never know and pray others don’t either.  I looked up his address on the criminal search site Family Watch Dog but could not find anything.

The moral of this story?  Please be careful if you shop on Craigslist.  If you go anywhere, try to take a friend, especially a man if possible.  If for any reason you go alone, make sure you stay outside.  Do not go in their house or garage.  And most of all let others know where you are going. Give them the exact location and perhaps even stay on the phone with them until you leave the seller’s house.

This might seem overkill but better safe than sorry.  There are some crazy people in this world folks.  An antique table isn’t worth your life.


What’s For Dinner Wednesday :: Eggplant Chips

21 Mar

Here’s another delicious recipe I learned from my fabulous friend Dave…Eggplant Chips!

I am not a huge fan of eggplant but really love it prepared this way. One of the best things about eggplant chips are they are simple to make.

All that’s needed is eggplant and olive oil (and a little sea salt if desired).

Cut the eggplant in slices.

Take a paper towel and lightly press each slice to help remove some of the moisture.

Lightly brush olive oil entirely on each slice – everywhere, front and back.

Place on baking sheet and bake on 350 for 12 minutes.  Then flip each piece over and bake another 12 minutes.

The end result is flexible, meaty chips quite unlike hard crisp potato chips.  Sprinkle with sea salt (if desired)

Can be used as a snack or a side dish.  We had ours as a side dish for garden burgers.

These are so good, I highly recommend using at least 2 eggplants for two reasons: 1: They are addicting and 2) The eggplant decreases size by about half it’s original size.

That’s it — healthy AND tasty chips!


DIY : 3rd times a charm??

20 Mar

This armoire.

This armoire is driving me nuts.

Originally white and distressed (I can’t find the before picture to save my life).

I decided I wanted some gold metallic in my life.

So I painted it Martha Stewart’s Vintage Gold.

martha stewart vintage gold metallic paint

I turned out okay.  Nothing great.  Didn’t set off any fireworks.

Definitely not one of my favorite pieces.

So yesterday, I decided it needed to be yellow.  And beat up and rubbed up with some stain.  And given some new crystal knobs.

Here’s a glimpse.  One coat of paint.  I’m a lazy painter…leave it in the room is my motto.

I’m digging it.

But my husbands gonna kill me.

I’ll share the final product next week.



Monday Inspiration

19 Mar

Nothing new in the Land of Sugar.  Back to school after Spring Break.  Planted sweet cherry tomatoes, lemon basil, cilantro, and parsley…fingers crossed, they actually GROW!

Inspiration this week:


For my friend…you know who you are.



yes. yes I do.


story of my life with my technologically challenged parents. ha!


liquid gold.


Happy Monday!



Friday Favs

16 Mar

The end of Spring Break week…and I think I need a break from the Break!

This week, my precious Bella took shelter on top of a table I’m refinishing:

Clowns at Texas Children’s Hospital for my son’s surgery…not quite sure if they helped or not.  I was a little frightened myself!

Homemade Chocolate Chip cookie ice cream sammies…flashbacks to my mom making them when I was little:

Loving pattern play with stripes on stripes:

And I’ve devoured 2 bags of these this week…they are a roadtrip staple for picking up and dropping my niece off for our annual Spring Break week together.

I’m up to 4 miles running at 5:30am.  Think I need to run tomorrow to get off those Funyuns!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!



What’s for Dinner Wednesday :: Dave’s Steamed Mussels!

14 Mar

This last week I was in Los Angeles for coffee training and to visit the coffee roasters we are going to use in our new coffee shop. It was a nice change because for once in a long time, we actually got to feel like things were progressing for the coffee shop.  The last few months in San Antonio, things have been at a standstill dealing with the city trying obtain permits needed for construction.  We still have not been able to start any construction work at the new retail location and it sometimes feels like it will never happen –which is quite depressing and stressful since we have a lot of money and time invested in this endeavor.  I am sorry I have not been blogging much. Life has seemed so gloomy and with all the coffee shop stress and it’s been hard to find time to blog about decorating inspiration.  :(   I know things will get better — I just hope it happens soon.

Los Angeles was a much needed get away and a very positive experience.  I got to spend quite a bit of time with my best friend there, Dave Young, who own’s Dave’s Catering.  Dave’s Catering is an innovative catering company in Hollywood that puts on spectacular events including celebrity dinners, parties and weddings.  Dave started Dave’s Catering 4 years ago when I first met him and it’s inspiring to see how much it’s grown since inception. Even since I last moved from Los Angeles 7 months ago, Dave’s Catering has progressed exponentially including having more than 30 events during December!! 30 parties in one month is insane!! I am so happy for Dave because he’s a risk taker and a hard worker and Dave deserves all the success he’s achieved! Hopefully all our hard work in the coffee shop will start to see positive results soon as well.

While I was staying with Dave in LA, Dave gave me some great cooking tips and we even cooked a few meals together.  I took lots of pictures and notes and will be sharing all with you! :)

One of my favorite meals were Dave’s mussels.  I had always wanted to cook mussels at home but was hesitant.  Even though it only takes a few minutes, cooking seafood hidden in shells seemed risky.   I am glad Dave showed me how because it was easy!  And it’s also a relatively cheap meal to make which is a plus. The mussels for the batch we made cost $6. And since Dave already had the remaining ingredients in his pantry and fridge, there were not any additional costs.


  • 1 Pound of Mussels
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 cups of wine or champagne (Dave usually uses champagne but we used leftover white wine for this time)
  • 3/4 cup chopped tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup chopped shallots
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1/8 cup butter
  • 1/8 cup olive oil

How To

Step one: CLEAN, ClEAN and CLEAN!  The only small hassle with cooking mussels at home is cleaning them.  The exterior of the shells have hair and dirt and must be cleaned thoroughly since the shells are cooked in the broth that will be consumed.  Clean the mussels with a brush or abrasive sponge removing as much dirt and hair as possible.  Then soak for 15 minutes.  Repeat this process 1-2 times until as clean as possible. Remember to leave the shells closed since they will pop open when cooking.  Also be careful because the sides of the mussels are sharp.  Dave actually cut himself making these. It was just a small paper sized cut but regardless…be careful.

While the mussels are soaking, prep the veggies by chopping the garlic, shallot and tomato.

Melt butter with olive oil on medium heat in medium to large pan on stovetop.  One of Dave’s tips to avoid burning is to always add a dash of olive oil whenever using butter.  Dave says the olive oil helps reduce the volatility in butter.

Once melted, add the garlic, shallot and tomato.  Continue cooking on medium heat for 5 minutes.

Add the wine or champagne.

Cook for one minute and then add cream.

Cook for 2-3 more minutes.  (Optional addition at this point: salt and pepper.  Taste and see if it is necessary or in line with your taste buds.  We added just a dash of salt and pepper.)

Add mussels.

The next step is important…COVER POT WITH LID!!!  Covering with lid creates a steam which cooks the mussels thoroughly.

Keep pan covered with lid but check every minute on progress.

Immediately some mussels should start opening up.

Within about 5 minutes, all mussels should open up.  Once they are all opened, this is an indicator they are cooked completely and ready to eat.

Eat and enjoy!

One of the things I enjoy most about mussels is dipping bread in the sauce!  And Dave made homemade bread because he is of course AMAZING!

Doesn’t that look unreal!?  What until you try to make these mussels yourself.!  So easy.  And the best part is most of the ingredients can be substituted.  The beauty of making mussels is that the sauce is very forgiving and flexible.  Feel free to use whatever leftovers you have.  We used white wine but champagne or even red wine could be used.  Also we used shallots for this version but onions certainly could have been utilized.  And lastly, tomatoes could have been substituted for something else or omitted completely.

I can’t wait to share all the other recipes Dave taught me with you.  Just to tease you a little here are some of Dave’s recipes I’ll share with you the next few weeks…

Homemade bread, Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Onion Soup Pot Roast, Brown Onion Gravy, Roasted Eggplant Chips, Homemade Mozzarella and Caprese Salad and Coconut Pudding.

If you are in the Los Angeles area or just want to know more about Dave, check out his blog here.




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