Friday Favs

23 Mar

Did you read Angie’s story yesterday?  Angie left me a message saying she was done with Craigslist and she just encountered a crazed lunatic.  I called her back saying I was laughing at her message and to call me asap.  When she told me the story, I was incredibly thankful she listened to those whispers and stayed outside that garage.

Angie is one of my Friday Favs!  Love her so much!

Another fav:

Pocky.  I searched for these things at our grocery store.  My daughter came home asking for them after her friend introduced them.

Peer pressure.  And we could not stop eating them.

This may or may not be a Fuzzy Navel Bartles & James wine cooler.

Razzleberry Pie.  With fresh whipped cream.

I’ll never touch a tub of Cool Whip again.

Anyone seen this show:

Willie and Jase Robertson

Reality show junkie right here.  Duck Dynasty.  Watch it.

Enjoy your weekend!



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