DIY Demolition!!

27 Mar

I haven’t blogged much about our woes trying to obtain the renovation permit for our coffee shop. I didn’t because I felt talking about it wouldn’t be positive and would just make things worse.   By things worse, I mean my attitude and faith.  To make a long story short, all we wanted to do was open a small coffee shop but it’s been a long painful journey.  (We actually started the process for our coffee shop dream in October 2011.)  It’s taken months and months working with city officials…and it’s also cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

For a tiny coffee shop with a small coffee bar, the city required us to hire architects and engineers.  We even had install things we’ll probably never use like a grease trap.  The trials have been exhausting both mentally and financially.

But I can talk about it now because it’s all in the past!

I finally have good news to report….we received our renovation permit!!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!

We received our permit at 4pm last Thursday.  I immediately called our contractors but because of the last minute notice, none of them could come until the following week.

So instead of sitting still and waiting for contractors, my 66 year old dad and I decided to demo the place ourselves!!  My dad may be 66, but he’s the strongest toughest man I know.  He didn’t hesitate at all when I said I had hoped to start some demolition work.

So at 7am Friday, my dad and I started the demolition process!

(Half the left wall removed)

There was a wall that separated the store space that needed to be completely removed and a wall to the bathroom had to be removed so that the bathroom could be expanded.

 (Bathroom wall coming down)

It might seem like a fun job…knocking down walls.  But it was HARD work.  My right bicep still hurts like hell from swinging sledgehammers and even an axe at times.

(Starting on the other half of the big wall)

By the way, if you are considering tearing a wall and have never done it before…it’s VERY important to make sure the wall is not “load bearing“.  Load bearing means that part of the structure (usually the ceiling) is depending on it.  If a load bearing wall is removed, the structure above could collapse.  So please verify structure integrity before tearing down walls.  The walls we removed were not load bearing which is why we felt comfortable doing the project ourselves without professionals.

(Main wall almost completely down)

My dad and I completely demo’d out all the walls on Friday. Thanks to our demo work, the contractors were able to start working on carpentry, plumbing and electrical work today!!

(Demolition Complete!)

I’ll take pictures and start showing the entire transformation…which hopefully will be fully completed in a few weeks!

Viva La Revolucion!



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  1. ginny March 27, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    You have a great daddy!!! I absolutely love the openness(sp) and all the huge windows. :) Can’t wait to see the end result. ♥ginny

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