Round Top Recap :: Spring 2012

5 Apr

I woke Monday with a text from Angie saying “good morning sunshine! see you soon!”  Both of us were so excited to get to Round Top!

Then it started raining at my house, the power went out as I was getting my daughter ready for school and I thought “oh no! please do not rain today!” Out the door in pouring rain, stopped at Bucee’s for a decaf coffee (my first in weeks, and my last for a while!) and drove north.  The rain finally cleared about halfway to the Hill Country.  Listening to 80s on XM…Hall & Oates, Prince, and the Go-Go’s kept me company along the 2 lane backroads to Round Top.  Lots of day dreaming about my future country home.  :)

We actually go to Warrenton, outside of Round Top.  Cheaper prices, much more laid back, and great people to deal with.

Angie and I pulled into our grassy parking lot within minutes of each other around 10am.

First stop:

Chorizo, bean, and cheese on homemade tortillas.  And a salty margarita.  Yes, at 10am.  It was awesome.

Here are some various things we found throughout the day.  Some quirky, some vintage, some I totally wanted to take home with me.

Pool table balls made into wine corks…


Huge gunmetal trunks…

Both of us were drawn to these posters set in old window panes.  I really wish I had bought one.

This piece was stunning.  Picture totally does not do it justice.

Every time I go to Round Top, I come home with less and less.  My first trip I came home with the motherload.  Now, I take my time, think about things, and sometimes come back later…if I can find the place again.

This trip, I came back with:

One older.  One newer.  Both out of circulation.  Love the colors mixed with my $0.19 mercury glass votive.

These signs came from old railroads throughout the United States.  We found this precious older gentleman who told us stories about all of the pieces around us.  He thought Angie and I were sisters…awesome.

I told Angie not to think I was crazy…but I had a vision of a sign with the number “40″ on it.  I saw it across the field and we beelined it over there.  The faded out “Do Not Enter” is going in my son’s room.  I noticed it when we bought our first pieces and it was still there when we came back to load up our finds.  I bought it for $10.  And right after I bought it, another woman came up asking how much.  The sweet man told her “sorry, the sisters just bought it!”  I hope he is at Round Top again.  Loved him.  And the “40″ already has a home on top of my armoire in the dining room.  If I ever get that thing repainted, I’ll show you how awesome it looks up there.

Then I found this:

I love the history behind this crate.  It says WILLOW SPRINGS on the ends.  Willow Springs is a small town in the Hill Country and most likely came from an old bottling plant years ago.  The gentleman I bought it from said the plant closed many years ago and he found it on the side of the road.  I rescued her…she is safe and sound now.

This was a last minute, pull up and park on the way outta of town, kind of purchase.  I loved it for my front garden and really wish I bought more.

But this vendor was a complete JERK.  If I didn’t have my heart set on it, I would have left it in the dirt.  Angie has a story about a jerk vendor too.  There always has to be one, ya know.

We had a great time.  I loved every minute of it.  It was a fast day, lots of driving, lots of walking, lots of eating.  We shared fresh bread sandwiches…one with homemade chicken salad and one with homemade pimento cheese.  If you’ve never had homemade pimento cheese, you are missing out.  I don’t think either of us took a picture of the sandwiches either…that tells you how fast we were eating.

We didn’t spend alot of money either which was nice.  And my garage is running out of room. HA!

Enjoy your day!



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