Growing Green Onions?

26 Apr

We are really loving our little herb garden.  We have cilantro coming out our ears and basil that makes my homemade spaghetti sing!

Does anyone use green onions as much as I do?  We love them and they add just enough flavor…but I usually only use a 1 stalk and the rest go to waste.

I saw on Pinterest this little ditty…and thought I’d give it a try.  And it would be fun for the kids to watch and measure…if it really worked.

First try…we cut the ends way too short.

After a week and changing the water every other day…we got nothing.  And to the trash they went.  My daughter told me to add them to our compost.  But we don’t have any compost.  I think we need to start some compost since she already thinks we have compost.  (How many times can you say compost?)

A week went by and I needed green onions again.  Off to the store.  Only used 1 stalk, of course.  This time, we cut the stems leaving a good 3 inches and place in a glass of fresh water near a sunny window.

Started as this:

3 days later, they looked like this:

And day 6, we have full grown, yummy green onions in our kitchen.

We change the water every other day and it has been so fun watching them grow.

Give it a try!



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