Monday Inspiration :: Put A Bird On It!

30 Apr

Monday inspiration — HUMOR!  Humor always seems to lift the spirits and lighten any load.  I especially enjoy humor that is self-deprecating.  It’s always entertaining to look at yourself and find humor in things that you usually take very seriously.

A new series YouTube series called Portlandia is hilarious.  If you haven’t watched them before, here are two of my favorite videos.  Both are poking fun of subjects I love – eating healthy and crafts.

The first called “Is it Local?” is sooooooooo funny!  It’s about eating healthy and shows a couple interrogating a waitress about the origins of the food on their menu. It’s a MUST see and your be smiling every time you think of the phrase “I’m sorry to interrupt, I had exactly the same question!”  – That will make a lot more sense after watching the video.  :)

The second is making fun of us crafty folks!  It’s a funny episode that shows two crafters who like to spruce up objects by painting birds on them.  They paint birds on just about everything they can find and go a little too bird crazy.

- Angie

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