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30 May


22 May

Hello there?  Remember us?

Angie.  Carrie.

We are still here.  Still alive.

Just refocusing our attention on other things.

And it’s been good.  We are busier than ever.  Angie with the coffee shop, which is nearing completion.  And Carrie venturing in a new direction in the near future.

This is Carrie speaking…so I can stop writing in the third person.  

Since April, I have really taken a step back from blogging for various reasons.  Traveling, spending time with my husband and children, ending the school year, upcoming recitals, and personally…taking a leap of faith with something that has been on my heart for many years.

Angie and I are always on the same page.  Both of us felt as if we were blogging just to fill the white space and it really meant nothing…to us or to you.  We started Two Friends Two Cities as a way to share our DIY projects between eachother and then it grew into something more.  And we loved it.

And almost two years later, it has changed into something completely different.

Change is good, and necessary.

Not that we don’t love a good Goodwill find revamp.  (I have a dresser in my garage dying for some paint!)  We just don’t have as much time for those projects anymore.  We recognized it and didn’t want to give up that part of our blog, so we kept trying.

But it was really half-ass.  And who wants to read a half-ass blog.

I don’t.  And neither do you.

After talking and both agreeing we needed a change, we sold our tickets to a DIY blog conference.  That was a hard but necessary decision for us.  We are still sad about meeting some friends we’ve grown to love along the way but are happy 2 DIY bloggers can go in our place to Haven 2012.

Angie’s coffee shop has proven to be a bigger project than she could have imagined.  My family and I took a road trip to San Antonio a few weeks ago and the progress they’ve made is freaking amazing.  The Revolucion sign in person is gorgeous, the shop layout is fantastic, and they have worked so hard to bring their dream to life.  All of those late nights will pay off in a few weeks when they can say they are officially open for business.

Angie’s is wearing so many hats…general contractor, painter, electrician, architect, designer, wife, blogger…the list could go on and on.

She is exhausted both mentally and physically.  But I told her the light is showing the end the tunnel.  And it will be amazing once the shop is complete.

As for me, my family went to Disney several weeks ago.  It was a great trip, exhausting, but wonderful  And if I’m being honest, we are not Disney people.  Gasp…I know.

Disney was everything we imagined it would be:

magical, exciting, hot, crowded, happy, beautiful, puke, french fries, pineapple floats, Rapunzel, sweat, fever, swimming, 15 second rides, 3 minute rides, tired feet, praises for double strollers, laughter, memories, thank God our hotel is on the Monorail and I brought my own pillow and didn’t start my period til the last day, giggles, fireworks, and moments I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Will we go back?  Mostly likely.   Will we do things differently?  Absolutely.

Then we went away for Mother’s Day weekend.  That is all I wanted…no gifts, no flowers.  Nada.

And it was perfect.  My husband and I both agreed that weekend was better than Disney. Gasp again…I know.  We are weird.

Now I am winding down the school year, wondering where the past nine months went.  Totally flashing before my very eyes.  And I started thinking really deeply about living intentionally, for myself, my children, my husband, my church.  Living intentionally.  Being honest with what I want and forgetting about the eyes around me who stand in judgment.  Because at the end of the day, if I don’t do something that I love out of fear of what others might say, they win.  I lose.  End of story.

With all of that said, there are some things I am sure we will keep on the blog.  The food will stay for me because I have an intentional plan to do something with that in the future.  Intentional blogging, remember?

We’d love to open our blog to you, even if you have your own blog or not, and share a typical day in your shoes.  Take pictures with your phone, your camera, anything…one photo an hour with a little blurb.  Everyone wants to see what others do in a day.  I know I do.  Isn’t that why we read blogs?

But again, intentional blogging.  Being real.  Not staged, perfect photos.  Because we all know the internet is full of blogs pretending to be perfect.

Perfectly imperfect glimpses of real, honest life.

My time, along with Angie’s time, may be limited as we move forward with our new ventures but I know we want to keep Two Friends Two Cities because it brought our friendship together.

So bare with us as we make some changes.  Leave us some comments if there is anything you’d like for us to keep on the blog and if you’d like to share your day with us.  We’d love to have you!

Thanks for listening to this long letter.

What’s for Dinner Wednesday :: Dave’s Cooking YouTube Series

2 May

I always rave about my friend Dave, who owns an amazing catering company in Hollywood.  And I often share his recipes which are always delicious!

Now you can see Dave in action – literally because he has his own YouTube series!

Check Dave out here making one of my favorite deserts – panna cotta.

And this one for Dave’s homemade foccacia!  YUM!

Both recipes are very easy to make!  I’ve had both of these dishes by Dave before and can testify that they  incredible!


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