What’s for Dinner Wednesday :: Dave’s Cooking YouTube Series

2 May

I always rave about my friend Dave, who owns an amazing catering company in Hollywood.  And I often share his recipes which are always delicious!

Now you can see Dave in action – literally because he has his own YouTube series!

Check Dave out here making one of my favorite deserts – panna cotta.

And this one for Dave’s homemade foccacia!  YUM!

Both recipes are very easy to make!  I’ve had both of these dishes by Dave before and can testify that they  incredible!


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One Response to “What’s for Dinner Wednesday :: Dave’s Cooking YouTube Series”

  1. ginny May 3, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Angie- In the video @ 4:40 he said to let the dough rise then the next screen the bread had risen in two pans..did he just cut it into and spread it out? This looks awesome. I love easy recipes!

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