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21 Jun

Totally loving this today.


Dream big but never loose what you already have.



sunshine today

15 Jun

It’s the little things that are such a blessing.

Happy Friday!!


13 Jun

You know its bad when you login into your blog and it asks you to enter your password…and you forgot the password!!

Hello friends! I miss blogging. I will be better.

Summer is proving to be eventful.

My son’s broken arm, dance back in full swing, ordering books for a new school and wrapping my brain around what that means.

I just finished a project I hope to share this week…and I made my own paint for it. Happy, happy, happy (for those Duck Dynasty lovers like myself!)

Had my first photo shoot with a precious 3 month old baby. I can’t begin to tell you the joy I felt for that sweet baby and his parents. His journey into this world is nothing short of a miracle.

And I am working on a new blogsite for myself…if I could only settle on a name. I’ll just tell you, my husband thinks he’s a real comedian (that’s why I married him!) but his idea and my idea don’t jive. HA!

We are leaving for the sunny beach in less than 2 weeks…broken arm and all…and we could not be more excited. I have a few travel games in the works to share next week too.

And spending a few moments in quiet each day, praying thanksgiving for the friends in my life, my husband and my children. I love them dearly.

To update you on Angie…Revolucion is open for business!! And to quote Angie, she is ‘busy as hell!” As you can imagine, running a business is hard work. Hopefully Angie will have some pictures to share soon!

And so I leave you with this: salt water in any shape or form is good. Whether it be tears down your cheeks, sweat on your forehead, or saltwater between your toes…


Happy Wednesday friends!!

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